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21st Century C: C Tips from the New School Throw Out Your Old Ideas About C And Get To Know A Programming Language Thats Substantially Outgrown Its Origins With This Revised Edition Of St Century C, Youll Discover Up To Date Techniques Missing From Other C Tutorials, Whether Youre New To The Language Or Just Getting ReacquaintedC Isnt Just The Foundation Of Modern Programming Languages It Is A Modern Language, Ideal For Writing Efficient, State Of The Art Applications Get Past Idioms That Made Sense On Mainframes And Learn The Tools You Need To Work With This Evolved And Aggressively Simple Language No Matter What Programming Language You Currently Favor, Youll Quickly See That St Century C RocksSet Up A C Programming Environment With Shell Facilities, Makefiles, Text Editors, Debuggers, And Memory CheckersUse Autotools, Cs De Facto Cross Platform Package ManagerLearn About The Problematic C Concepts Too Useful To DiscardSolve Cs String Building Problems With C Standard FunctionsUse Modern Syntactic Features For Functions That Take Structured InputsBuild High Level, Object Based Libraries And ProgramsPerform Advanced Math, Talk To Internet Servers, And Run Databases With Existing C LibrariesThis Edition Also Includes New Material On Concurrent Threads, Virtual Tables, C Numeric Types, And Other Features

3 thoughts on “21st Century C: C Tips from the New School

  1. Jack Orenstein Jack Orenstein says:

    I was looking for a book to bring my 1990s era C and C knowledge up to date and ordered this book The I read, the angrier I got.I knew from the reviews that this book wasn t an updated K R, but it had good reviews for the material I wanted to learn It also covers tools make, autoconf, git , and I thought that refreshers on those topics would be useful, so I ordered the book.The ti

  2. Brig Young Brig Young says:

    This is the first book I am aware of that actually teaches you how to use the C Language Five Stars.Audience intermediate to advanced C programmers The book does have a beginner C Tutorial in the Appendix GRIPE Personally I did not care for the overly informal tone and punk rock quotes Explanations tend to be long and colourful This book is the inverse of formal and terse GRIPE Whatever

  3. LittleGreyCells LittleGreyCells says:

    My copy of Harbison and Steele was quite dated 1991 and I needed something current to illustrate contemporary ANSI C practice for Linux Kernel Module development I stumbled upon Klemens work subtitled C Tips from the New School.21st Century C is an inspired work that illustrates the non trivial application of modern C designated initializers for structs, variadic macros, C migration single li

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