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A Dream To Share (Heartland Homecoming) (English Edition) Irene Hannon is one of my favorite authors I have read most of her books However, I had never read her Heartland Homecoming series until 5 days ago A Dream to Share is the 2nd book of the series it did not disappoint I really liked this couple because Abby Mark listened to the Lord, He led each of them to a place they never thought possible. The second book in the Heartland Homecoming series, a wonderful Christian romance Abby and Mark s story, but I love all of the characters. I really like the way Hannon emphasizes the character and personality of her characters, rather than their physical attributes They do find each other attractive physically, but that s not what s most important. A Dream to Share is the second book in the Heartland Homecoming series by Irene Hannon In this book, we return to the town of Oak Hill Missouri and find out about Abby Warner, editor and owner of the Oak Hill Gazette The paper has been in her family for generations, but is in financial trouble Enter Mark Campbell, whose family owned publishing conglomerate wants to buy the struggling paper Irene Hannon is one of my favorite inspirational romance authors Her characters are interesting and the stories are substantive, not just focusing on the growing romance of the main characters This was a used book purchased through , but it was in very good condition and arrived in a timely manner If this is the first book by this author that you ve read and you enjoyed it, you ll likely enjoy From This Day Forward and Where Love Abides my favorite in the series , the first and third books in the series. Through every romance or heartbreak story the love of God show us to trust, obey and accept His love and put ourselves in His hands every day in our every day lives. Love Irene s books I always get involved in the story Great story of trusting God to know what is best in your life Falling For The EnemyMark Campbell Is Sent To A Tiny Missouri Town With One Goal To Convince Abby Warner To Sell Her Familys Financially Troubled Newspaper, The Oak Hill Gazette, To His Conglomerate Then Hell Head Back To The City And Never Look Back But It Turns Out There Is Much To Oak Hill Than Jaywalking Chickens And One Hundred Year Old Residents There Is Beautiful, Gutsy Abby And The Way He Feels About Her Is Front Page Worthy Originally Published In I immensely enjoyed the story God brings many twists and turns into our lives.he wants us just to be willing to follow his directions. This book was easy to read and very predictable Yet, I wouldn t place it in the boring category The story flow and the chemistry between the lead characters was good The book had great potential, yet it remained flat. Great book, but I ve enjoyed some of Irene Hannon s One always is enlighten by this author s writings This time I learn t about diabetes Thanks

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