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A Life Worth Dying For:The Jim Mandelin Story (English Edition) A Life Worth Dying For The Jim Mandelin Story, By Jim Mandelin With Don Rock And Alison Diesvelt, Is The True Story Of A Man, Who Endured A Childhood Strewn With Daily Incidents Of Sexual, Physical And Emotional Abuse At Home, And Constant Bullying At School Who Survived Years As A Youth On The Streets Succumbing To The Predations Of Pedophiles And To Addiction Who Did Multiple Stints In Prison And Was Eventually Recruited By A Biker Gang In Prison For Work As A Debt Collector On The Outside Who Eventually Became A Physical Wreck Because Of Addiction, Facing Cardiac Arrest At Twenty Two And A Near Death Experience That Changed His Life Forever A Life Worth Dying For Is Woven With Fleeting Moments Of Kindness By Relative Strangers, Which Ultimately Fused Jim With The Will To Live This Is A Story Written To Raise Awareness Of The Effects Of Childhood Abuse And Neglect, Bullying And Discrimination And How These Circumstances So Often Create Conditioning For Criminality And Gang Membership It Is A Real Life Testament Intended To Deepen Your Understanding Of What It Is To Be Human, And Of The Power Of Kindness To Affect Critical Change In Our WorldJIM MANDELIN, CPC Is A Community Speaker And Presenter, With A Background In Counseling And Youth Support Jim Began His Community Service Work Visiting Inmates In Prisons As An Inspirational Speaker During The S And Has Gone On To Address Thousands Of Youth And Community Members Annually Jim Has Worked In Consultation With The Vancouver Police Department, Prisons, Vancouver Lower Mainland School Districts, Universities And Colleges And A Wide Range Of Community Organizations Including The United Way He Is Currently Serving On The Board Of Directors For The Vancouver Association For Restorative Justice Jim Currently Resides In Vancouver With His Present Wife Of Fifteen Years And Their Family More Information About His Work Can Be Obtained By Visiting His Website At Jimmandelin

2 thoughts on “A Life Worth Dying For:The Jim Mandelin Story (English Edition)

  1. Romana K. Van Lissum Romana K. Van Lissum says:

    My daughter was fortunate to have Jim as a speaker at her school She was so moved by his unbelievably true life story that she wanted to support him and purchase his book After she finished reading it, she told me to borrow her book and read it.I must admit there was hesitation on my part knowing that the book was a young boy s true story full of molestation by family members at a young innocent age, subjection to over extreme religio

  2. Alan Dennis Arsenault Alan Dennis Arsenault says:

    This is not really a book that you can enjoy I found it hard to read about what he had to endure when he was growing up No one should have to go through such torture If indeed that which doesn t kill us makes us stronger, then Jim is a Superman Jim is an amazing man not just because of his resiliency but because of the fact that he could turn something so negative into something so powerfully positive Two thumbs up Jim

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