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A New Kind Of Science Challenging The Traditional Mathematical Model Of Scientific Description, A Scientist Proposes A New Dynamic Computational Approach That Utilizes Simple Codes To Generate Patterns Of Ultimate Complexity

5 thoughts on “A New Kind Of Science

  1. MC MC says:

    This is Wolfram s masterpiece although I don t know why I encountered no mention of Ilachinski s already published book on CA, and of course there is much controversy over his claiming there is a New Kind of Science Wolfram is a very independent thinker, reminiscent to me of Benjamin Franklin and those who adhered to science instead of social institutions which include academia, in many re

  2. Jonathan R. Verlin Jonathan R. Verlin says:

    Here is the most lucid account of the potentials for the interplay of technology on mathematics I dare say that all of the greats would have been well pleased It is well worth the investment Even the most learned and accomplished students in the field will find this a tough read but it is both engaging and satisfying It must be read and re read many times in order to understand the ideas fu

  3. Nick Nick says:

    The problem with relying exclusively on the Lindy effect for selection of reading material is that one can miss modern transformational works, for which this title certainly is.

  4. Dan Dan says:

    Great book that arrived quickly I am looking forward to reading it.

  5. Mitch Mitch says:

    I found this book worthwhile and would recommend it to any scientist or technically oriented non scientist.The author demonstrates that cellular automata are capable of computing anything that can be computed by today s computing machines He also shows that exceedingly simple rules can lead to exceedingly complex results An implication of this is claimed to be that cellular automata can model

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