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A Spanish Marriage (Latin Lovers) (English Edition) Javier Has Married Zoe Purely To Protect Theyoung Heiress From Male Predators Who Aretempted By Her Money And Her Beauty But Astheir Paper Marriage Continues, Javier Finds Itincreasingly Hard To Resist His WifeDiana Hamiltons First Stories Were Written For The Amusement Of Her Children They Were Never Publihed, But The Writing Bug Had Bitten Over The Next Ten Years She Combined Writing Novels With Bringing Up Her Children, Gardening And Cooking For The Restaurant Of A Local Inn A Wonderful Excuse To Avoid Housework In Diana Realized Her Dearest Ambition The Publication Of Her First Mills Boon Romance Diana Lives In Shropshire, England, With Her Husband So, I chose this book because it had a marriage of convenience storyline.I must say that I found the book to be just ok.I first felt sorry for the female character, because she had lost her parents at a young age and was stuck with a grandparent that was overly critical about any and everything she did, and just really didn t want her around, and therefore, requested that the make character take over the raising of the girl as a teenager But then as the story went on years passing the female character really got on my nerves with all the unnecessary bad behavior, whining, and misunderstood communication with the male character.With the male character I first applauded him for taking on the care of the female character, and again as time when on, I didn t quite understand how he could misunderstand some of her actions, as well as be bad with his communication, considering he was a successful business man.As I said above this book was in my opinion just ok.

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