WALK TO REMEMBER Can You Resist The Depths Of The Human Heart It Is And Seventeen Year Old Landon Is Revelling In His Youth Dating Girls And Even Claiming To Have Been In Love He Is A World Apart From Shy, Reclusive Jamie Sullivan, A Baptist S Daughter Who Carries A Bible With Her School Books, Cares For Her Widowed Father And Volunteers At The Orphanage But Fate Will InterveneForced To Partner Up At The School Dance, Landon And Jamie Embark On A Journey Of Earth Shattering Love And Agonising Loss Far Beyond Their Years In The Months That Follow, Landon Discovers The True Depths Of The Human Heart, And Takes A Decision That Is So Stunning It Will Lead Him Irrevocably Down The Road To Manhood

13 thoughts on “WALK TO REMEMBER

  1. I. R. Perez I. R. Perez says:

    Loving the movie no matter how cheesy , I bought this book expecting it to be 200% as nice But I was disappointed The actual storyline is set in the 50s and the plot is too religious There re too many Bible references and it s even cheesy than the movie itself I think this is the first time I have

  2. Tess Tess says:

    Cl sico de Sparks que ha sido adaptado a la gran pantalla Sencillo pero con una complejidad que a primera vista no nos imaginamos.

  3. José Isidro Martínez Rico José Isidro Martínez Rico says:

    Como novela me ha satisfecho su lectura Considero que es una buena novela, sobre todo, para adolescentes que comienzan a entrar en un mundo de otros intereses.

  4. FantasyDimension FantasyDimension says:

    I d seen the movie, and liked it enough to had a go at reading the book at last Let me say that the book is better and different in many ways It s far from easy to review books you love I m not usually into sweet romance and too perfect characters, but this book is an exception.Landon Carter remembers his last year at Beaufort H

  5. Ash Ash says:

    This story was simply beautiful the last three chapters is where it really hit home for me I kept saying to myself, I m not gonna cry But I cried It had a beautiful message about love, hope and faith And of a young girl who kept cheerful and happy even when no one in the world wanted to be her friend, and young teenage boy whose life she

  6. Dixie Nix Dixie Nix says:

    This is my first Nicholas Sparks book, and I really enjoyed it I loved the movie version, and for years I ve wanted to read the book It s such a nice easy read and a great story I prefer this version of Landon in this book, he was made out to be so much of a bad boy in the movie, in the book he is just a normal seventeen year old boy going into ma

  7. Alexander Bryce Alexander Bryce says:

    There are bad love stories there are good love stories and then there is A Walk To Remember a superb and beautiful love story It set in small town America in a simpler time late 1950s Jamie the widowed, elderly minister s daughter is a bit removed from her fellow high school students as she takes herself into quiet corners to read her beloved bible while the

  8. V.M V.M says:

    My favourite even to the film I use to watch the film over and over many years ago Then I got into reading and loved reading it too.Such a lovely yet sad story Get your tissues ready and some chocolate s too.

  9. L. Upton L. Upton says:

    This is a bit different to the movie which I quite enjoyed, it was a new story in a sense Some of the writing in the beginning of the story felt I was reading something off of wattpad but it got a lot better about a third in.

  10. A. G. Boon A. G. Boon says:

    Excellent service The book was as new and arrived on time It was well packed in a waterproof bag.

  11. Mary2013 Mary2013 says:

    Oh where do i start i have read this book over and over again and i love it the i read it.I fel in love with both characters and you will see through this particular way of writing what both characters feel Its a beautiful love story and very sad, it shows how love can change a person, and miracles do happen, the opposites attract and these two definately do its beautiful and the movie of this bo

  12. Jas Jas says:

    This book was just brilliant It wasn t one of them typical, unrealistic love stories, it made sense and the characters and the connection between them was realistic and believable The story was written from Landon s point of view it was simply written yet amazing It s an accurate representation of life, love, pain and grief I recommend anybody to purchase this, it will definitely bring a tear to your eye.

  13. chicirce chicirce says:

    a lovely read from Nicholas Sparks perfect for a lazy day in summer however, and this is surprising i found the movie to be far touching than the book yes, the book is moving and bittersweet, but the movie just had a heartbreaking edge to it maybe it was the List and the two places at once little details that, had they been in the book, would have made it so much moving i feel like the book was a little rushed, but

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