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A Walk To Remember Can You Resist The Depths Of The Human Heart It Is And Seventeen Year Old Landon Is Revelling In His Youth Dating Girls And Even Claiming To Have Been In Love He Is A World Apart From Shy, Reclusive Jamie Sullivan, A Baptist S Daughter Who Carries A Bible With Her School Books, Cares For Her Widowed Father And Volunteers At The Orphanage But Fate Will InterveneForced To Partner Up At The School Dance, Landon And Jamie Embark On A Journey Of Earth Shattering Love And Agonising Loss Far Beyond Their Years In The Months That Follow, Landon Discovers The True Depths Of The Human Heart, And Takes A Decision That Is So Stunning It Will Lead Him Irrevocably Down The Road To Manhood

7 thoughts on “A Walk To Remember

  1. I. R. Perez I. R. Perez says:

    Loving the movie no matter how cheesy , I bought this book expecting it to be 200% as nice But I was disappointed The actual storyline is set in the 50s and the plot is too religious There re too many Bible references and it s even cheesy than the movie itself I think this is the first time I have

  2. Tess Tess says:

    Cl sico de Sparks que ha sido adaptado a la gran pantalla Sencillo pero con una complejidad que a primera vista no nos imaginamos.

  3. José Isidro Martínez Rico José Isidro Martínez Rico says:

    Como novela me ha satisfecho su lectura Considero que es una buena novela, sobre todo, para adolescentes que comienzan a entrar en un mundo de otros intereses.

  4. Hannah Hannah says:

    When I first noticed that A Walk To Remember was a book, and not only a movie, you can imagine I was than thrilled I absolutely loved the movie and it was the movie I always turn to when I need a good cry I immediately looked at the reviews posted online I was sadden to notice that there were a lot of mixed reviews regarding th

  5. Trishula Trishula says:

    There are moments when I wish I could roll back the clock and take all the sadness away, but I have the feeling that if I did, the joy would be gone as well I knew what I was getting myself into when I started A Walk to Remember but I still experienced every heart wrenching emotion known to mankind Right off the bat, I love how the book w

  6. Mark Oresic Mark Oresic says:

    I just checked, and to date, there are 1989 reviews for Author Nicholas Spark s novel A Walk To Remember , which of course begs the question Do we really need yet another review Perhaps not and to be sure, such a vast number of reviews for just one of his novels among around 20 to his credit thus far, clearly speaks for itself, and shouts yes, he s

  7. NHQuilter NHQuilter says:

    A coming of age tale by a young man, Landon, who with his friends, laughed and joked about the local preacher and his daughter being raised by him The year is 1958 Landon signs up for drama class because he thought it would be easy He is then asked to play the lead in the Christmas play by Jamie, the preacher s daughter, the other lead in the play As Landon

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