Acts of Faith ePUB –

Acts of Faith They Met As Children, Innocents From Two Different Worlds And From That Moment Their Lives Were Fated To Be Forever Entwined Timothy Abandoned At Birth, He Finds A Home And A Dazzling Career Within The Catholic Church But The Vows He Takes Cannot Protect Him From One Soul Igniting Passion Daniel The Scholarly Son Of A Great Rabbi, He Is Destined To Follow In His Father S Footsteps And Destined To Break His Father S Heart Deborah She Was Raised To Be Docile And Dutiful The Perfect Rabbi S Wife But Love Will Lead Her To Rebellion And Into Worlds The Patriarch Would Never Dare Imagine Reaching Acrossthan A Quarter Of A Century, From The Tough Streets Of Brooklyn To Ultramodern Brasilia To An Israeli Kibbutz, This Is An Unforgettable Story Of Three Extraordinary Livesand One Forbidden Love

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