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It S Been So Long Since Auden Slept At Night Ever Since Her Parents Divorce Or Since The Fighting Started Now She Has The Chance To Spend A Carefree Summer With Her Dad And His New Family In The Charming Beach Town Where They Live.A Job In A Clothes Boutique Introduces Auden To The World Of Girls Their Talk, Their Friendship, Their Crushes She Missed Out On All That, Too Busy Being The Perfect Daughter To Her Demanding Mother Then She Meets Eli, An Intriguing Loner And A Fellow Insomniac Who Becomes Her Guide To The Nocturnal World Of The Town Together They Embark On Parallel Quests For Auden, To Experience The Carefree Teenage Life She S Been Denied For Eli, To Come To Terms With The Guilt He Feels For The Death Of A Friend.In Her Signature Pitch Perfect Style, Sarah Dessen Explores The Hearts Of Two Lonely People Learning To Connect. Along for the Ride

About the Author: Sarah Dessen

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Along for the Ride book, this is one of the most wanted Sarah Dessen author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Along for the Ride

  1. Cheryl Klein Cheryl Klein says:

    Eventhan John Green, Sarah Dessen repeats the same plot elements over and over again 1 ONE SUMMER, 2 AN OLDER TEENAGE GIRL WHO IS REPRESSED IN SOME WAY family secrets, personal secrets, others expectations, her own cynicism or need for control3 MEETS A WACKY GROUP OF PEOPLE long distant family, a rock band, coworkers, a new group of friends4 INCLUDING ONE UNUSUAL BOY usually artistic in some way5 SHE DOES SOMETHING UNCHARACTERISTIC OF HER THAT STARTS OR DEE

  2. Thomas Thomas says:

    Reading Sarah Dessen is like walking into an air conditioned store after a hot, humid day in the sun Reading Sarah Dessen is also like drinking an ice cold smoothie after a long, harsh marathon And finally, reading Sarah Dessen is like eating comfort food you always know what you re going to get, a tasty, satisfying treat.Auden has just finished her senior year and looks forward to spending the summer like she usually does staying home and studying, while occa

  3. Saania Zee Jamal ϟ Saania Zee Jamal ϟ says:

    And the award for my most vanilla book of 2016 goes toI think I get it now The whole appeal with Sarah Dessen and the million or so romance books she s churned she s no Stephanie Perkins but reading her work is just so easy. Or at least this one was, my first one yet.Butthan easy, it was boring Mundane Unexciting VANILLA.Just like vanilla ice cream, it s enough to have me gobbling it up in one go, but doesn t quite manage to leave a satisfied mark like chocolate

  4. Cara Cara says:

    This is pure Sarah Dessen It s a comfort to read her work, because you know you are going to come away with something to think about I m afraid I didn t like this one as much as the others It s because well it feels a little like I m reading the same story Tons of others have mentioned it, but she seems to be sticking to a very strict formula Which I wouldn t mind too much if the characters didn t seem so similar They all are so reserved and issue driven One of the

  5. Cait • A Page with a View Cait • A Page with a View says:

    I know Colby is a fictional beach town, but I still totally feel like I ve been there after reading so many Dessen stories in that setting It just feels like summer The main idea of the story is that Auden never really got a chance to be a kid because she was so focused on academics and being the adult that her pretentious, bickering parents wouldn t ...

  6. Jeff Jeff says:

    Peoples, this book ain t worth it.Number one THERES NO PLOT LITERALLY NONE This author was all like, oh let s put a normal teenage girl who has low self esteem AHEM.BASICALLY HOW ALL CONTEMPORARY NOVELS GO.And let s not forget about that boy Of course Dessen went for the typical approach Meaning BIKER DUDENow, see I thought it d be some great guy who s hot and sports a six pack and all..basically my dream guy in every book.DA HELL TO THE NO.This dude restrains from wantin

  7. emma emma says:

    not the best sarah dessen, but, you know, not the worst.there s kind of an interesting exploration of feminism and female gender identity in here which is not exactly what you d expect like, when this book started out by describing the protagonist s mom with this paragraph She was an expert on women in literature but didn t much like them in practice Partly, it was because so many of them were jealo...

  8. Steph (Reviewer X) Steph (Reviewer X) says:

    Cross posted from my blog review Auden is your classic overachiever she s studious and entirely too serious What s , she deprived herself of a normal high school experience one with friends and fun opting instead for the academic route Which did indeed work, because she got into a great university, the one she d be attending come August In the meantime, there is the whole summer stretching before her, and suddenly, spending it at home with her holier than thou, my feminism is b

  9. Kristi Kristi says:

    I m just going to start this out saying that I love Sarah Dessen Along for the Ride is definitely on my Dessen all time favorite list Right up there with Just Listen and This Lullaby The characters is this novel are freaggin fabulous That is one thing I can always count on with Dessen, she knows how to create a believable and relatable character no matter the situation And Auden is no exception I reveled in her transformation throughout the story Ultimately that s what this story

  10. Sloan Sloan says:

    In my opinion, Sarah Dessen is one of the best young adult writers out there today This book happens to be my second favorite book from her It s odd how Dessen can make you feel like you know her characters personally I love that about her writing, because she makes it so easy to identify with her characters When I finished this book, I was almost upset about ...

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