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Alpha & Beta (The Pack Book 1) (English Edition) Farren Sands Is Used To Being The Odd Man Out The Only Beta Wolf Born To A Family Of Alphas, Shes Never Fit In Anywhere With Her Soft Curves And Gentle Spirit, She S Always On The Outside Looking In Appointed Pack Healer, The Thirty Five Year Old Is Content But Lonely As Those Around Her Become Mated Pairs When Eamon Schafer, Is Injured And Brought To Her To Heal Everything Changes Eamon Schafer Is Being Pressured To Take A Mate And Take Over For His Father But None Of The Alphas Appeal To Him Wounded By Poachers In The Woods, He Wakes Up In The House With The Woman He Knows Is Meant To Be His Beta Wolfs Aren T Supposed To Mate With Alphas, But When The Mating Heat Kicks In, None Of That Matters

4 thoughts on “Alpha & Beta (The Pack Book 1) (English Edition)

  1. MH MH says:

    This was a good start to the series you was able to get a good sense of the characters and the world the author has created Only wish it was a bit longer.

  2. Danie Max Danie Max says:

    This is a great start for a series just wished it was longer but I enjoyed it.

  3. Evelyn Jefferson Evelyn Jefferson says:

    Very good story I really enjoyed this book.

  4. Toni Toni says:

    Awesome read Simple and captivating Short and to the point Very well written and very entertaining Surprise ending I didn t see coming.

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