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An Unlikely Mother (Mills & Boon Love Inspired Historical) (English Edition) Flora Montgomery, a woman known for her backbiting, unkind, snobbish ways has changed It has brought her so much relief, and so much loneliness, because no one trusts her She offers to help a miner, George Baxter Bellingham take care of a little Pierre, an abandoned French boy Flora does not recognize George from their childhood as the chubby boy she unmercifully teased, and George needs it to be that way as he uncovers the truth of what is happening to his family mine Someone has been bleeding their family finances dry, and George has gone undercover to find out who it is This story about redemption, change and deceit, is well worth the read. Bound By A ChildHoping To Overcome Her Reputation As Leadville, Colorados Biggest Gossip, Wealthy Socialite Flora Montgomery Offers To Help A Miner Care For An Abandoned Child But Her Growing Affection For The Sweet Boys Handsome Rescuer Could Be A Problem Especially Since Her Parents Insist She Must Marry For MoneyUndercover Mine Owner George Baxter Is Digging Himself Into A Dilemma The Once Spoiled Flora Has Become A Delightful, Generous Woman, And Shell Be Devastated By His Deception Yet If He Cant Discover Whos Sabotaging The Mine, George Will Lose Any Chance Of Making A Home For Flora And Pierre Can The Little Boy Who Holds Both Of Their Hearts Help Them Lay Claim To A New Dream Of Family Danica Favorite Has Spent Her Life In Love With Good Books Never Did She Imagine That The People Who Took Her To Far Away Places Would Someday Be The Same Folks She Now Calls FriendsA Mountain Girl At Heart, She Lives In The Denver Area With Her Husband, Children, A Pesky Dog, And A Slew Of ChickensPut It All Together, And You Find An Adventurous Writer Who Likes To Explore What It Means To Be Human And Follow People On The Journey To Happily Ever After Who is Flora Montgomery Who is George Bellingham How do they know one another Where do we find Flora at in the beginning of the book Who is this George Baxter person What is he Who is Peanut What about Mr Dougherty What group is Flora with at the location she is at When George finds Pierre, what happens This book is as much of a mystery with suspense added in as it is a bit of romance at the same time When things continue to happen, and Flora s father John is entrusted with the truth of who and what George Baxter is and what he is doing there, what is the outcome When Flora finds out the truth about George Baxter, what does she say and do What about Pierre Why is she in his life What does he mean to her I find I really do not like Sarah, Flora s former best friend and confidant Especially considering the change in Flora, which after seeing what she was like before the current situation would have been a woman I did not want to be around This new Flora I would be happy to call a friend Who or what is behind everything You re going to have to read this book and see what happens, because boy is it a whopper RECEIVED THIS BOOK AS A GIFT FOR A FAIR HONEST REVIEW and REVIEWER FOR Bloggin With M Brennan. Enjoyed having a plot with an unexpected turn of events Encouraging message about what is important in life Gives hope that we can become a loving person who brings good into our society. A sweet story that greatly demonstrates the growth and development of character a person has when wanting to be Christ like, when truly wanting to walk in His steps Mix in some societal problems, family drama, a little danger, little mystery, an adorable young man from France, and childhood enemies finding themselves falling for each other and you have thought provoking story in your hands.The main theme in the story is the apparent change former bully and mean girl Flora Montgomery is going through in her life She used to be feared for her sharp and critical tongue Now she is outcast and avoided after some drama she created in the town, meddling in other people s business she had no place to interfere in.Forgiveness is not an easy and automatic thing and the struggle Flora has to go through to find her new place in the society with the new attitude with a change of heart is a lonely, uphill battle.After losing his father in an accident George finds out the trouble in the family business Searching for the truth about the terrible conditions at the mine the family owns, he goes undercover and runs into his childhood bully, Flora, who doesn t recognize him.My favorite part of the story was the bond that developed between Flora, George, and Pierre The connection was there immediately, the bonding and joy they experience in each others company were delightful.I found it humorous how obvious the growing feelings between George and Flora were Everyone paired them immediately, and their destiny would have been sealed if not the assumed class separation or financial troubles in George s family.The first part of the story got a little stuck on the theme of Flora s past and need to change, the class differences in that time period and the snobbiness of the upper class society But when the mysteries at the mine starts to unravel, the story takes off to an exciting and exhilarating suspenseful yet love filled journey.The message of the kindness, forgiveness, and acceptance in the story is clear The character development is underlined, encouraged and celebrated The class actions and judgment of the society is challenged And through it all, the message of love, in different forms, comes abundantly apparent Four Spoons

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