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Angry God ENGLISH SPANISH VERSION ANGRY GOD IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF ALL TIME, it got so deep in my soul, reached the most hidden places in my heart and ruined me forever, I still feel it in every fiber of my being The plot is captivating, gritty, dark, so intense, with such deep anguish that leaves you breathless, wow, I couldn t put it down The characters are UNIQUE My Vaughn is, I have no words, his personality fascinates me, a character so complex as I have never read another hero before, his mind is a vast universe full of thoughts that torture him, and he has such a pure heart under his cold outside Lenny is his perfect complement, sassy and brave, determined and loyal, she is my author s FAVORITE HEROINE to date.Although at the beginning they can t stand each other, L.J does a masterful job narrating the evolution of their relationship and the characters, I loved the way in which the author gradually reveals layers and layers in their personalities Wow They are the perfect combination, innocent but sexy, vulnerable but strong, hurting but divine THEIR ROMANCE IS HEARTBREAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL I Ioved their deep and intense connection, their hearts and souls are connected through time and distance And their scenes dear god, are sooo scorchingly hot, dark but sweet, wow, they took my breath away Their love story will stay in my heart forever And Vicious as dad is the best thing ever The author gives us a masterpiece that is beautifully tragic, emotion overflows in every page, the writing is exquisite, flawless and sexy bordering the dark and decadent There is something so powerful in L.J Shen stories, something that mesmerizes you, owns your soul and leaves you speechless But ANGRY GOD GOES BEYOND EVERYTHING I VE READ BEFORE, it is an unique experience, a roller coaster of intense and deep emotions.Get ready to be owned, wrecked and ruinned by L.J SHEN AT HER BEST Versi n en espa ol ANGRY GOD ES UNA DE LOS MEJORES LIBROS DE TODOS LOS TIEMPOS, cal tan profundo en mi alma, lleg a los lugares m s escondidos en mi coraz n y me arruin para siempre, todav a lo siento en cada fibra de mi ser La trama es cautivante, cruda, oscura, tan intensa, con una angustia tan profunda que te deja sin respiraci n Los personajes son UNICOS Mi Vaughn es, su personalidad me dej asombrada, es un personaje tan complejo como nunca hab a le do a otro h roe, su mente es un vasto universo plagado de pensamientos que lo atormentan, y tiene un coraz n tan puro bajo su fr o exterior Gahhh, nuestra hero na es su complemento perfecto, tan atrevida y valiente, tan decidida y leal, la amo, y ELLA ES LA HEROINA FAVORITA DE MI AUTOR PARA FECHA.A pesar que al inicio ellos no se soportan, la autora hace un trabajo magistral narrando la evoluci n de su relaci n Me enamor de esta pareja tan profundamente Me encant la forma en que la autora revela gradualmente capas y capas en sus personalidades Son la combinaci n perfecta, inocente pero sexy, vulnerable pero fuerte, doloroso pero divino SU ROMANCE ES DESGARRADORAMENTE HERMOSO Me encanta su profunda conexi n emocional, sus corazones y almas est n conectados a traves del tiempo y la distancia y sus escenas, querido Dios, son tan sexys, oscuras y tan dulces que provoca escalofr os solo record ndolo y me dej sin aliento Su historia de amor permanecer en mi coraz n para siempre.Y Vicious como pap es lo mejor de lo mejor La autora nos regala una obra maestra que es bellamente tr gica, la emoci n se desborda en cada p gina, la escritura es alucinante, impecable, po tica y sexy bordeando lo oscuro y decadente, desde el principio hasta el final de una obra de arte Hay algo tan poderoso en las historias de L.J Shen, algo que te cautiva, posee tu alma y te deja sin palabras Pero ANGRY GOD VA M S ALL DE TODO LO QUE HE LE DO ANTES, es una experiencia, una monta a rusa de emociones intensas y profundas PREP RATE PARA SER POSEIDO, ARRUINADO Y DESTROZADO POR LO MEJOR DE L.J SHEN Forget best book of 2020 Angry God is an all time best novel This is by far LJ Shen s greatest work yet I want to start by saying Vicious by LJ Shen left a lasting impression on the romance community for a reason That book hit us all with an unexpected impact we never saw coming The second generation is no different Enter Vaughn Spencer.We ve heard from Daria and Knight and Luna LJ left us hanging a bit longer for Vaughn because that wait is necessary I wasn t prepared Nothing could make me ready for what I just experienced I ventured into the depths unknowing how irrecoverably this book would change me.The intensity is cranked to maximum from page one, and I was lost in the abyss by the third chapter The ferocity rattled the walls along with my ribs There are no words powerful enough to describe how this story makes me feel I laughed and criedcursed the characters only to praise them moments later Emotional whiplash has never felt so damn good It s electric and nonstop, leaving me on the edge on a tightrope without escape Nothing I can say will be adequate enough to explain the beautiful destruction this book delivers The complexity is thousands of layers deep Secrets, revenge, passion, enemies, twists, and redemption are tossed around in a kaleidoscope of epic proportions Lovers of angst will be drooling Fans of enemies to lovers will fall to their knees Anyone seeking a revenge plot will find it overflowing here But simply considering this a romance is vast understatement This book ticks off boxes for readers of all genres Suspense, drama, mystery, psychologicalit s all here for the taking.We raise the standards of great romance and LJ Shen will continue to obliterate them She proves once again why she s always on top of the charts Angry God is sure to leave a lasting, as in forever, indent on your heart If you re looking for a book to wreck you with the pure beauty of words, this one will blast apart every expectation you dare to thrown down Hold on for an indescribable ride that will leave you breathless, and satisfied to your soul. OMGGGG LJ Shen just dropped her first explosive read in 2020 in the form of Angry God and Vaughn Spencer and she took ZERO prisoners Good Lord this story was EVERYTHINGThis author has once again delivered a MAGNIFICENT read that has left me speechless, in awe and honestly heartbroken that it s overAngry God is epic and solidified itself as Leigh Shen s BEST READ EVER After reading the first two books in the All Saints High series you mightthinkyou know who Vaughn Spencer is but you honestly haveNOidea I have never loved an LJ character the way I love Vaughn He has the attitude and personality of his father but the artistic soul of his mother Leigh Shen really broke the mold with his character encapsulating who he is, what happened to him and how he was affected by the one person in his life that burrowed deep within him and never left.Likewise, Lenora is pure magic I love everything about her She is raw and wounded and his perfect match Their banter was FIRE and their chemistry just as combustible Overall, you will DIE for this story As usual Shen s writing is innovative and provocative Her books are always original and always full of the typical snark and smart dialogue that she is known for This story is the first of many bombs this author will drop in 2020 and I seriously can t wait for this epic ride 5 stars Ratula AVAILABLE NOW FULL REVIEW 5 Sad It s Over CROWNS Hauntingly Beautiful Completely Unexpected Vaughn crept up on me, and broke me down He owns my heart, and I never want it back Vaughn Spencer is than I ever expected I obviously expected some Vicious elements, he is his father s son after all, based on his behavior in the previous books, but I didn t expect the softer parts, the broken parts Based on the title, readers know there is something that has affected Vaughn in a monumental way, and the way LJ Shen handled it and the fallout with Vaughn s character was exceptionally well done She handles it with care and respect, and I love how he loves Lenora, the way he shows her in the end, the heart he tears out of his chest and hands to her He is one of the most vulnerable characters Leigh has created Lenora Oh, boy She is perfect for Vaughn, matched in every way She pushes back, she is smart, and she is artistically driven They communicated on another level in this book, fully opening up to each other as the novel evolved, and she was truly a heroine who loves her hero for who he is, what he has endured, and where he is now She takes nothing lying done, and I was thrilled to see her holding his hand in the end Of course, Angry God wouldn t be complete without Vicious and Emilia, and did Shen ever deliver for their characters The way the love the son can be felt through the pages I felt what they felt, I empathized with them, because LJ puts you there She writes their scenes in a way that you have no choice but to feel it, every hard, angry, destructive moment Even through all that, you could still find the love of the original SOS couple Like every single book in this series, Shen tackles major issues, topics, themes, and she did it with integrity and respect to the content There are triggers in this book, for sure, but I am believer that literature and romance is should be a reflection of issues that we experience and plague the world, and sadly the issues in Angry God are rampant still today Addressing these issues makes us empathetic, aware, humane Vaughn and Lenora s story absolutely does that The pain they suffer, the antagonism of a young romance as they stumble through their feelings, and the final HEA shows reader so many things that light can bloom in the darkest of places, that love can shatter darkness and heal wounds, and that real family, blood or not, will love all your broken pieces and hold you together when you fall apart L.J Shen started this journey with Vicious and it ends with his son, Vaughn, the 8th and final book as of now in the Todos Santos world This series has brought us full circle These characters and this world has taught me so much I ve grown, laughed, loved with this fictional people, and that is the power of a phenomenal romance Beta read i don t think i ll be reading this one.LJ please get better beta readers please put out fewer books per year please just stop writing stupid shit PLEASE the reviews for this from people i trust were pretty scathing, and that s all the motivation i need to just stay away from this knowing myself, i might one day pick it up out of curiosity but i doubt it ll be an enjoyable experience. 5 STARS We were an unfinished business, personal and always walking the tight rope between love and hate. Let s talk about angst for a hot second here Because this book Mother Of All Angst Would you expect anything less from any kid of Vicious This book This book was EVERYTHING It s not for the faint of heart It was gritty, painful, and downright captivating It was deliciously angsty and rip your hair out frustrating It was all of the things Full of depth and emotion, layered with an angst only Shen can deliver, and characters that you won t be forgetting any time soon.I knew that LJ was going to be saving the best for last, and she did not disappoint Don t get me wrong, I ve loved the previous books, but there was just something about this one that felt different it was It was like a live wire under your skin the entire time you were reading it We ve seen glimpses of Vaughn in the previous books, and it s no secret that the guy is all sorts of messed up His story unravels all those layers to bring you to the heart of who he is And who he is, is deep, multi layered, and oh so broken I was born with an insatiable appetite for destruction. What I loved most about this book is how the characters balance each other Vaughn may be all sorts of screwed up, but Lenora doesn t just take it lying down She gives as good as she gets, and in some parts, even better I loved that about her The girl has grit She s got a spine of steal and a smart mouth to go along with it The two of them together were instant sparks.There s a lot of back and forth and their road is definitely not an easy one It s angsty, gritty, and dark And I do mean DARK This book is much darker than the rest of the series and it definitely fits But don t go into it expecting butterflies and rainbows Your heart will break It will bleed It will ache And at the end you ll be thankful for it.Angry God was everything I hoped it would be and so much Shen has given us one of her most tortured heroes to date, and I was SO HERE FOR IT beta readFind me on WOW WOW WOW LJ Shen starts 2020 with a bang Vaughn and Lenora owned music heart from the first few pages and to say that I did not want their story to end is an understatement The author delivers the last book in a series that is undeniably one of the best I have ever read, with characters that are unforgettable Angry God is a straight up powerful read, managing to be bitterly funny , profoundly tragic and raw, as well as giving us great insight into art and music.That s just if you take it at face value It s than that.It s an impressive story, capturing the spirits of Vaughn and his muse, in gripping prose, telling a compelling and wholly unique tale LJ Shen is a master at explaining how the human mind is what we as flawed insecure human beings wrestle with the most Vaughn is his worse enemy , he is the definition of anti hero but for me he is the hero of a generation he is my perfectly imperfect hero Anna Karenna once said monster don t hide under our bed , they live inside our head Vaughn and his muse are tormented by their own thoughts and how they interpret circumstances differently Daddy Vicious and Emilia OMG OMG Angry God is in its own league in the literary world I don t think masterpieces are flawless art pieces are not perfect it s the eye, the soul, the awe that make it perfect to the eye Angry God is unique in the purest sense of the word one of a kind Arc kindly provided by the author for an honest review. From Bestseller LJ Shen Comes A New, Emotional Standalone About First Love, Second Chances, And Overcoming Breathtaking Losses At A Young Age Vaughn Spencer They Call Him An Angry God To Me, He Is Nothing But A Heartless Prince His Parents Rule This Town, Its Police, Every Citizen And Boutique On Main Street All I Own Is A Nice, Juicy Grudge Against Him For That Time He Almost Killed Me Between Hooking Up With A Different Girl Every Weekend, Breaking Hearts, Noses And Rules, Vaughn Also Finds The Time To Bully Little Ole Me I Fight Back, Tooth And Nail, Never Expecting Him To Chase Me Across The Ocean After We Graduate High School But Here He Is, Living With Me In A Dark, Looming Castle On The Outskirts Of London A Fellow Intern A Prodigal Sculptor A Bloody Genius They Say This Place Is Haunted, And It Is Carlisle Castle Hides Two Of Our Most Awful Secrets Vaughn Thinks He Can Kill The Ghosts Of His Past, But What He Doesn T Know It S My Heart He S Slaying Angry God Is A Stand Alone, DARK High School Romance It Deals With Sensitive Subjects Some May Find Triggering A thought provoking story that will stay not only in my heart, but the hearts of those who encounter it as well LJ Shen outdid herself completely with this conclusion of Todos Santos world Vaughn Spencer was not only vicious and ruthless, he was savage and completely deranged Move over Daddy Vic, the heir next in line is ready to take his throne And that he did.His story wasn t what I was expecting yet was everything and so much His queen, Lenora, she was not meek, she rolled with the punches and my gosh her love shone through so hard Thankfully it did, that light penetrated Vaughn s cold heart and brought it back to life Through blood, chaos and disorder two artists become each others muses for an epic love story for the ages I am sad to leave Todos Santos behind This world has brought so much joy into my world But I wouldn t want any other ending but this one We are all sinners, we are all saints, some are reckless, some are broken and some are angry We are all beautiful survivors. 2.5 STARSTo say that my relationship with L J Shen s books is tumultuous would be sort of an understatement I m a huge fan of her early works and she has written few of my favorite books ever Namely, Bane and The Kiss Thief She is a superb writer, one of the best in the indie community and that s just a fact So it saddens disappoints me to see the direction her plots and stories have taken this last year.We all are different as readers some things work for others, some don t Old school LJ worked for me perfectly Current LJ A big freaking no After Broken Knight, I was disappointed but I still hoped that it was a fluke, a one time thing Then she published In The Unlikely Event and I started to realise that maybe it wasn t a fluke after all That maybe this is the way she s starting to plot her stories And Angry God only cemented that.This book is predictable In every single sense, it s predictable It s nothing otherworldly, nothing that we haven t seen before Which is sad as we ve all been waiting for Vaughn since LJ announced that she d be writing this spin off series But from my humble point of view, this book was just disappointing, really The first half was quite a bit messy and I was confused big portion of this book There is ton of drama, so many messed up things happening, a few that made me want to rate this book 1 star I am still very much pissed and the romance between Lenora and Vaughn is what you would expect from LJ hate, hate, hate, conflict, confession, love The same thing, all over again The ending was wrapped up too quickly and felt VERY rushed I want to be surprised in a good way sometimes, but so far LJ has only managed to make me want to hurl my phone at the wall and make a combination of a cringe and a facepalm.I guess I m just not enjoying her books any They really do nothing for me any Her drama has been beyond excessive in her latest releases and her books all follow the same pattern And it s getting old really fast.I just hoped for somethingI guess when you read this book, you may understand my meaning, maybe not But something just felt missing from this book and Vaughn s story Something about him felt amiss And the romance was dissatisfying to me The connection between him and Lenora was there, but it was hard to feel because of the intense hate they had for each other unwarranted, may I add But if you re into that sort of thing, I think you re gonna love this book.So yeah I really don t know what to say I m pretty disappointed This lacks that sort of magic Shen s old books have This didn t really amaze me Didn t wow me I did like this better than In The Unlikely Event, and I did enjoy it at some parts, but it was just very bland and so, so predictable and very over the top AND all my theories proved correct and there was no fun in that.I think this is my last book I m gonna read from LJ For a very long while at least I m not looking forward to her new releases if this is the route she s gonna take with her books from now on Just not my thing and it s not something I, as a reader, enjoy PS L.J Shen really, really has to start using trigger warnings in her books TW blood, mention of self harm, sexual assault on a childI received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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