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Arranging for the Concert Band Arranging For The Concert Band And The Separately Available Workbook Are Intended To Introduce Students To Basic Techniques Of Arranging For The Concert Band Arranging Can Be Divided Into Two Separate Processes The First Deals With Scoring And Transcribing Scoring Is Concerned With Such Things As Voicing, Doubling, Balance And Color The Term Scoring Also Means The Actual Writing Of Notes On The Score Paper Transcribing Is Scoring Music Written For One Kind Of Musical Instrument Or Group Say A Piano Or Orchestra For A Different Kind Of Group This Text Deals With Those Matters The Second Part Of Arranging Is The Creative Process Of Writing Introductions, Modulations, Endings, Background Figures And So On

15 thoughts on “Arranging for the Concert Band

  1. fabrizio statello fabrizio statello says:

    Come da descrizione

  2. Elisabetta Vicenzino Elisabetta Vicenzino says:

    Bel metodo semplice e chiaro Ottimo come base per chi intraprende la strada per l arrangiamento di brani per banda Good

  3. Dark Majic 007 Dark Majic 007 says:

    Frank Erickson does a great job of explaining the subtleties and nuances of scoring for band, specifically for wind ensembles and symphonic band This is a handy book to have as a reference guide for newer composers, and would be a great source for music compositio

  4. Customer Customer says:

    This is an excellent manual which reveals many of the insights that Frank Erikson brings to his compositions If his instructions are followed the result will be optimal resonance from the wind ensemble.and avoidance of unnecessarily muddy or unclear complex textures

  5. Jeff Jeff says:

    Comprehensive, but simple to understand Frank Erickson s book is fantastic whether you re learning to arrange or already experienced in the art I have really come to deeply appreciate all this man did for the world of wind band If you re a band director, you won t re

  6. Hugo Riaño Hugo Riaño says:

    Uno de los Mejores textos en el rea, puntual y espec fico Un cl sico

  7. mexmpc mexmpc says:

    This is a very great book for band arranging and orchestrating It would be nice if this book had an accompanying CD of the examples.

  8. Poppa Joe Poppa Joe says:

    lots of good information but some issues covered could ve been clearer in the text There are examples where I had to rely on pre existing knowledge to analyze understand them It should have been unmistakable in the accompanying text Still, a good book for anyone looking

  9. Shari Parker Shari Parker says:

    I was a little frustrated after looking through classic books on orchestration e.g Berlioz, Jacobs , that they were not as helpful for band as you might think This book fit the bill nicely in making the approach to arranging for band clear and concise It explains how to

  10. John Camp John Camp says:


  11. Harkavi Eyal Harkavi Eyal says:

    A very good book on the basics of arranging Great for beginners.Lacks depth

  12. Shelley Anderson Shelley Anderson says:

    It s been fifty years since I did any arranging for band I needed a refresher course, badly This book was full of all the things I needed in an easy to understand and find manner.

  13. Carmelo Galea Carmelo Galea says:

    This is a great book, full of clearly explained examples and easy to understand A great asset to have if you are interested in writing for the Concert Band, or smaller ensembles within the Concert Band I highly recommend this book.

  14. Dave Willick Dave Willick says:

    I found this textbook the perfect guide for beginning arrangers It is full of examples of the original piano part at the bottom of the score and the final version above We can always learn from a master young or old.

  15. Alexis Artavanis Alexis Artavanis says:

    Very good for students who study the art of arranging.

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