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Symphonies Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Full Score (Dover Music Scores) It s really convenient that symphony 1 4 are together I love the lay flat binding BUT There aren t ANY measure numbers Who does that I knocked off one star because I have spent a couple hours now numbering all my measures Huge waster of time Otherwise, the print is easy to read. Came in good condition Large, nice to read There aren t any bar measure numbers, so it s hard to reference, but you can just write it in yourself though it takes a long time and mis counting once would ruin everything There are mistakes here and there, but nothing appalling.I didn t expect much from a Dover score It was worth my money. In my opinion L.V Beethoven s symphonies are the greatest symphonies ever written This is the first book of three books that contain all of Beethoven s 9 amazing symphonies in Full Score I have yet to find any errors and they are very usefull for score study or playing one or two parts on the piano.I recomend all three volumes as Beethoven s symphonies become even amazing as they evolve into the ninth symphony that in my opinion is unrivaled in the Late Classical Period. I love dover publications They do quality work I dislike that they print the upc and lay flat sown binding on the cover This is superfluous information and rather interrupts the otherwise artful display of the cover on both the front and back.They used to print them without the oval at the top right Superb Authoritative German Editions Henry Litolff S Verlag Of Symphony No In C Major, Op Symphony No In D Major, Op Symphony No In E Flat Major Eroica , Op And Symphony No In B Flat Major, Op Finest Inexpensive Full Score Editions Lists Of Instruments

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