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Before I Had the Words: On Being a Transgender Young Adult A Must Read For Anyone Who Is Trans Or Has Trans Family Or Friends Chase Ross, Trans Activist, Speaker Revealing Entries From The Author S Personal Journals As Well As Interviews With His Mother, Brother, And Friends Lend Remarkable Depth To A Groundbreaking Memoir Of Change, Loss, Discovery, Pain, And Relief At The Beginning Of His Physical Transition From Female To Male, Then Seventeen Year Old Skylar Kergil Posted His First Video On YouTube In The Months And Years That Followed, He Recorded Weekly Update Videos About The Physical And Emotional Changes He Experienced Skylar S Openness And Positivity Attracted Thousands Of Viewers, Who Followed Along As His Voice Deepened And His Body Changed Shape Through Surgeries And Recovery, Highs And Lows, From High School To College To The Real World, Skylar Welcomed Others On His Journey Before I Had The Words Is The Story Of What Came Before The Videos And What Happened Behind The Scenes From Early Childhood Memories To The Changes And Confusion Brought By Adolescence, Skylar Reflects On Coming Of Age While Struggling To Understand His Gender As Humorous As It Is Heartbreaking And As Informative As It Is Entertaining, This Memoir Provides An Intimate Look At The Experience Of Transitioning From One Gender To Another Skylar Opens Up About The Long Path To Gaining His Family S Acceptance And To Accepting Himself, Sharing Stories Along The Way About Smaller Challenges Like Choosing A New Name And Learning To Shave Without Eyebrow Mishaps Before I Had The Words Brings New Meaning To The Phrase Formative Years Every Transition Is Unique There Are Choices We All Make Every Day That Shape Who We Become There Is No Right Way Or Wrong Way There Are No Requirements For Being Transgender Some People Are Transgender Until You Hear Their Stories, You May Not Know What That Means To Them I Am Still Learning

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  1. Kristine M. Smith Kristine M. Smith says:

    I have read at least a dozen FtM transgender books Hands down, this is the best one I ve read so far I hope it becomes a New York Times bestseller so people will tag along and truly understand what it s like to be transgender.I can so relate to Skylar s story, as it is mine, too but I have never transitioned due to my age and the expense.Womb Man How I Survived Growing Up in a

  2. Customer Customer says:

    This is a great book to w.The author did a fantastic job in writing this book I hope that I live to see true acceptance of the transgender people God does not make mistakes. Transgender people are real and they are not going away anytime The world needs to wake up and realize we are all different.

  3. Anni B. Anni B. says:

    I recommend this book for anyone who may be interested in learning about transgender people Though this is just one person s story about their experience, it is a candid look at what someone in this situation goes through, from the good, bad, confusing, and frustrating, but also the rewards of living an authentic life, even if that goes against the grain of what society has laid out as

  4. Skyler Skyler says:

    This is a great book for transgender individuals especially transmasculine and their friends or family It tells the story of this young man s life and going through transition It can help those who feel out of place, are in doubt of their identity, or just want to see another person s experience going through growing up as trans I would highly recommend this book.

  5. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    The inside story of Skylar s transition from female to male I found it informative and enlightening what a transgender persons life starts as and becomes.

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