[Epub] Beginner Piano Elements for Adults: Teach Yourself to Play Piano, Step-By-Step Guide to Get You Started, Level 1 (Book & Videos) (English Edition) eBook: Damon Ferrante, Piano: Amazon.es: Tienda Kindle Por Damon Ferrante – Andy-palmer.co.uk

Beginner Piano Elements for Adults: Teach Yourself to Play Piano, Step-By-Step Guide to Get You Started, Level 1 (Book & Videos) (English Edition) eBook: Damon Ferrante, Piano: Amazon.es: Tienda Kindle One of my favorite things about Beginner Piano Elements is that it is extremely motivating It is filled with inspiring language, easily understood graphics and creative, yet functional technique descriptions The book provides simple, basic instruction for someone without any knowledge of the piano I found it easy to begin and follow The lessons advance little by little allowing the learner to progress healthfully without frustration The book also contains helpful photos and charts that provide a visual explanation of the material Another aspect of Beginner Piano Elements that I find to be excellent is the video that goes with each lesson First off, the video lessons have an introduction of piano music that is quite inspiring It really made me want to play The videos consist of audio, visuals and text that further comprehension Also, the videos are comfortable to listen to and provide further insight as to habits that should be followed, as well as those that should not be followed Another bonus of the video is that you can hear what the lessons sound like which is something that really helped me I recommend this book to anyone that wants to learn piano or simply brush up on old skills Designed For Beginners With No Music Experience, This Interactive Book And Streaming Video Course Is All That You Will Need To Get Started Having Fun Learning To Play The Piano And Reading Music Piano Professor Damon Ferrante Guides You Through Step By Step, Easy To Follow Lessons And Streaming Video Lessons That Are The Perfect Introduction For Adults Who Would Like To Learn How To Playing The PianoHis Method, Used By Thousands Of Adult Piano Students, Will Will Greatly Improve Your Piano Technique, Song Repertoire, Creativity, And Understanding Of MusicEach Lesson Is Designed To Be Interactive, Engaging And FunNo Music Reading Is Required With This Book And Streaming Video Course Books , You Will Learn How To Read Music Scroll Up Now To Purchase For Level , Check Out Damon Ferrante S Author Page OnVolumes And Of This Book And Streaming Videos Series Cover Playing Songs How To Read Music Piano Technique Playing With Both Hands Together Fundamentals Of Piano Playing Piano Chords Playing Melodies Developing Good Practice Habits I was really excited to see how easy it is to follow the instructions with the accompanying videos SInce I have always wanted to learn to play piano, I was intimidated by other books that seem to leave out the basic fundamentals, This book seems like an easy and clear way to start with the basics and build confidence from there Looking forward to books in the series to purchase as well. Damon Ferrante is an excellent piano teacher The beginner book and video course follows a step by step lesson format for learning how to play piano This is designed for the adult beginner with no music experience or ability to read music You learn how to play the piano through famous songs and pieces.The book covers hand position and finger numbering, good posture and location of middle C, counting and measures, three notes and five notes songs Towards the end of the book, he covers whole notes, half notes and quarter notes This book is an introduction for the next book, Beginner Piano Elements for Adults The two books work well together and they are reasonably priced.I highly recommend this book for anyone just starting to play the piano You will be encouraged by the simple music pieces that you play while learning Ferrante makes playing the piano fun and easy I was expecting a good deal and I m glad that I only paid 5.40 for it, not 10.00.This book doesn t even show you real music on a staff Just put your thumb 1 on C, put your pointer finger 2 on the next note D, now play 11112222 That s the scope of the lesson Very disappointed Read through it once, and there wasn t anything that I didn t already know in depth.

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