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BMX Racers (Kid Racers) An Exciting New Series Of High Interest Books That Will Appeal To Even The Most Reluctant Readers Contains Action Packed Photographs And Stories Of The Hottest Racing Vehicles And Races For Kids

2 thoughts on “BMX Racers (Kid Racers)

  1. D. Fowler D. Fowler says:

    If you re already trying to practice bunny hopping over curbs on your regular bike or speeding down your street like crazy, you just might be interested in freestyle riding or BMX racing It s never too late to start riding because Hunter Stephens didn t even get on a bike until he was eight years old, but once he started into BMX

  2. towing4u towing4u says:

    This is the best bmx educational book written I love the part about Hunter Stephens not riding a bike until he was 8 then winning the National Championship when he was 10 Great book for someone wanting to understand and get into bmx racing.

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