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Boy Princess, Volume 1 Boy Princess is a pulsequickening tale of swords and sorcery, faraway kingdoms, and the fairest princess in all the land Except this is a fairy tale with a twist When a prince's soontobebride elopes two days before their wedding, her desperate family dress up their young son and send him to get married in her place With his deep blue eyes and flowing blond hair and strategically placed apples, nobody bats an eye at the pretty pubescent standing before them But how long can he keep up the charade? Despite the odds stacked against them, the two princes share adventures and intimacies in a story filled with imagination and visual delight

10 thoughts on “Boy Princess, Volume 1

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    A Prince married a princess... But the princess is a prince! Seems a very easy plot, no? Well, it's not... Believe me, it's anything, but a simple story.

    Can love be stronger than jealousy and betrayal? In a different reality, with amazing character, wonderful drawing and many surprises this is much more an a simple yaoi... It's perfection.

    I think the cover image cal already convince you it's a high quality work... And deserve to be read

    I just finish all this serie, noticing I can't give less than 5 stars, and sadly I can't give more. I recommend it to all yaoi readers, and keep a tissue near, it's a heartbreaking love story.

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    Could have been great but the abruptness of scenes change was utterly confusing. I also have some problem with the art. The characters seems to have frozen facial expression. Otherwise the storyline is pretty interesting.

    * 28 Oct 2015

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    It was cute. The main plot was essentially boring. The boy princess deal? Nah. Not interesting. The sub plots was the main thing that caught my attention. I really loved the princes and their pursuit in love. I have to say that Jed's brother's lover was the best character out of the whole thing. And Jed's past was extremely unique, touching, and a bit terrifying at the same time. But back to the main plot... I just couldn't feel anything for those two main characters. The ending was extremely bland as well. Some of the art was really wow to look at but sometimes the art was also just really cringe worthy. If the author was a more consistent with the art, this series would have definitely gotten a 4/5.

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    Let me tell you something first: the style of this manga is horrible, at least concerning faces. The details of the background are beautiful - but the characters look horrible. Those fat fat eyelashes framing tilted eyes and dark, big, pouty mouths... Not my favourite style.
    The story was okay, I liked reading this but I thought about giving it only two stars. When I finish a manga I normally have some kind of feeling, mostly a warm and nice feeling, sometimes I feel really annoyed. This manhwa didn't leave me with any particular feeling. I am a crybaby and easily get happy or angry - I feel what I read. And I really did not feel much with this manhwa, kinda disappointing. I am still thinking about changing the rating to two stars, but the story wasn't so bad.

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    Series review: The yaoi itself was more of an undertone of this series. The characters are just trying to find happiness in a world of politics. The story is a bit cutesy and cruel, but it never shows anything graphic. I enjoyed it and read the whole thing in a day. The herbalist tribe was a pretty creative idea, and the ending was satisfactory, but could have been better. The story is medieval politics heavy, so if you don't enjoy that kind of thing, I wouldn't recommend it.

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    The art is not mainstream, and it can be a bit difficult to follow at times, somewhat because the characters are difficult to tell apart in some scenes. Parts of the story feel rushed into (notably the beginning), though once it picks up properly, its well paced. It's easy to overlook whatever irks I may have, however, since the characters are so sweet, and the story is as well. The art will likely be a hurdle for some people, but it truly does compliment the storytelling well, and I'd recommend to a fan of shonen ai that can get past that.

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    This was a little confusing to follow at times. I wasn’t always sure which character was supposed to be speaking and some of parts I thought were supposed to be thought bubbles turned out to be actual dialogue even though they were in a bubble different from the rest of the dialogue.

    There were also a bunch of characters just thrown at you without real introductions to know them or their motivations.

    But I’m still curious to see where this is heading so I will definitely be picking up the next volume.

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    This series was a bit confusing at times, and it took me quite a while to sort out which character was what because a few of them looked the same. Even figuring out names was a bit difficult because they didn't explicitly introduce characters.
    But, once I got what was going on and who was who I really enjoyed it!
    Much more political than I expected. A good read!

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    A pretty series that got dropped (or was slow to release) back when I was reading it. I got tired of waiting for the rest of the series and lost interest. Swapped my copies of v. 1 and 2 away years ago.

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    I remembered I liked it a lot as a silly fangirl when I was younger. I can't remember details from the story. I liked the art style.

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