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Buried in the Sky: The Extraordinary Story of the Sherpa Climbers on K2's Deadliest Day: The Extraordinary Story of the Sherpa Climbers on K2's Deadliest Day Enthrallingphenomenal Research And Vivid Writing Create A Memorable Portrait Not Only Of The Events On The Mountain But Also Of The People Who Make Modern High Altitude Climbing Possible Michael J Ybarra, Wall Street JournalEasily The Most Riveting And Important Mountaineering Book Of The Past Decade OutsideAn Indispensable Addition To The Genrea Long Overdue Historical Correction To The Familiar Mountaineering Story Matthew Power, Men S JournalAn Absorbing Book That Goes Beyond The Typical Mountaineering TaleThis Book Is Mesmerizing Sharon Haddock, Deseret NewsIts A Testament To The Thrills In This Book That I Scoured The Notes, Eager To Learn How The Authors Wrote Their AccountThe Authors Commendable Documentary About The People Who Carry The Gear Is Overtaken By The Chilling Adventure Story Of One Terrible Day On The Mountain Smithsonian MagazineThis Compelling Story Brought Back From Ks Slopes Is A Worthy Tale About A Little Known Aspect Of These High Stakes Climbs Colleen Kelly, Minneapolis Star TribuneThrough Phenomenal Research, Zuckerman And Padoan Have Dug Deeper Than Anyone Else Into One Of The Most Mysterious Tragedies In Mountaineering History Thanks To Their Efforts, The Heroism And Humanity Of The Sherpa Climbers Who Saved Lives Shine Through The Chaos And Grief Of That Awful Day On K David Roberts, Co Author Of Ks Life And Death On The World S Most Dangerous Mountain And Author Of On The Ridge Between Life And DeathAn Informative And Inspirational BookI Couldnt Put It Down Jamling Tenzing Norgay, Son Of Tenzing Norgay, Author Of Touching My Father S SoulBuried In The Sky Reveals The Heroic Deeds Of The Sherpa It Brings To Light How Immensely Strong, Loyal, And Talented The Sherpa Climbers Are Finally Credit Is Given, Where Credit Is Due Ed Viesturs, Bestselling Author Of No Shortcuts To The Top And K Life And Death On The Worlds Most Dangerous MountainI Admired Buried In The Sky And Enjoyed It, Too Because The Authors Did Their Homework And Wrote Their Story Well, And Most Of All, Because Credit Is Given At Long Last To Those Who Deserve It Most Peter Matthiessen, Author Of The Snow LeopardMany Climbing Accounts Describe A Death Defying Struggle Up Fixedlines But How Did Those Ropes Get There Who Performed The Rescues When Your Life Hangs From A Knot, It Helps To Know Who Tied It But Some Stories Get Buried Western Journalists Seldom Speak Ajak Bhote, Balti, Burushaski, Shar Khumbu Tamgney, Rolwaling Sherpi Tamgney, Or Wakhi Reporters Can T Usually Track Down Indigenous Climbers By Dialing Telephone Numbers Or Sending E Mails, And Writers On A Deadline Rarely Have Time To Trek To Remote Villages As A Result, Testimony From High Altitude Workers Isn T Broadcast Far Survivors Of The Death Zone Have Imperfect Recall, And The Media Maelstrom Makes Recovery And Accuracy Elusive As Families, Fans, Friends, And Publicists All Assert Claims On A Story Trauma And Oxygen Deprivation Compound The Confusion As In War, Eyewitnesses Who Were Standing Next To Each Other Sometimes Report Different Versions Of The Events Nonetheless, Amanda And I Have Tried To Get At The Truth And To Be Straightforward About Our Reporting We Researched For Two Years We Took Seven Trips To Nepal, Trekking To Regions Rarely Visited By Westerners And Off Limits To Journalists We Took Three Trips To Pakistan And Obtained Unprecedented Access To Military And Government Officials, Thanks Largely To Nazir Sabir, President Of The Alpine Club Of Pakistan In Total, We Interviewedthan Two Hundred People And Spent Countless Hours At Kitchen Tables In France, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, And The United States We Relied Onthan A Thousand Photographs And Videos This Book Re Creates A True Story Please See The Background Notes For Further Information On Methods And Sources The Death Of Amanda S Friend Karim Meherban Was A Catalyst For This Book Nursing A Newborn, Amanda Couldn T Do All The Research Herself, So I Was Brought In As Coauthor Amanda And I Are Cousins,and We Ve Been Writing Together Since I Was Twelve Before Buried In The Sky, I Had A Comfortable Job As A Daily Newspaper Reporter I Had Never Strapped On Crampons But When I Learned About This Story, I Had No Choice But To Quit My Job, Grab A Notebook, And Head To The Himalaya The Characters Were Too Inspiring, The Goal Too Important,and The Journey Too Compelling To Resist Peter Zuckerman Portland, Oregon

About the Author: Peter Zuckerman

Peter Zuckerman has received some of the most prestigious recognitions in American journalism At age 26, he won the Livingston Award, the largest, all media, general reporting prize in America Among the dozens of other awards his reporting has received is the National Journalism Award, given for the best newspaper writing in the United States and the Blethan Award, given for the best journalism in the northwest PBS profiled Zuckerman in an hour long documentary, In a Small Town, and Harvard University s Nieman Foundation for Excellence in Journalism profiled Zuckerman as part of a series about courageous reporting.Zuckerman has served as visiting faculty at the Poynter Institute, the St Petersburg, Florida based journalism organization, and he has taught journalism at universities and professional seminars He is a resident of the Falcon Art Community and a teacher at the Attic Institute Zuckerman lives in Portland, Oregon.

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