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Neill, H: Calculus: A Complete Introduction (Teach Yourself) El mejor libro de introducci n al c lculo que conozco Supera cualquier expectativa Did ctica expositiva insuperable Concilia rigor, claridad y sencillez Una joya. This is a book that I would recommend for self study or for teaching this most Important topic Fundamentaly without a good grasp of calculus one would never go beyond a GCSE grasp of anything remotely connected with Physics, Engineering and the Sciences in general The text is clear and well laid out without detailed formalism It is a how to do it book with a simplified explanation that is satisfactory as a first exposure to the topic Plenty of examples pave the way along with exercises that would suit undergraduate first year degree students as well as those studying for A level and AS level or BTEC. Un buen libro para aprender y muy introductorio y sin complicaciones This review is for the Kindle format of the book only I bought the paperback format of the book by P Abbott in 2000 and, at the age of 68 and looking forward to amusing myself when I finally retire in May 2015, and revisiting the maths I studied at A Level all those years ago, I thought it would be handy to carry it about on my Kindle What a mistake The problem is that, in the Kindle format, many of the formulas and graphs are tiny and do not expand when increasing the font size Some can be zoomed using the magnifier, which disconnects them from their related text, and some cannot be zoomed at all so I need a pocket lens to read them This is such a pity since P Abbott s book is an excellent step by step explanation of the calculus A worthwhile translation of it into Kindle format would be wonderful, however, as it has been formatted for Kindle in this way, I feel cheated out of my money. Pros 1 Starts from an easy foundation of basic algebra.2 Derives everything and provides intuitive proof.3 A perfect print.4 Recaps every chapter in a short paragraph.5 Exercises range from easy to difficult.6 A perfect guide for beginners.Cons 1 Answers do not have any guides or are sometimes expressed differently.2 Does not elaborate on every why and how, can leave you equipped to answer but not to understandPersonal Review I love this book it has taught me calculus and I am not longer afraid to read articles or papers which require calculus and I can understand it somewhat I can apply it in real world applications for fun this book has truly taught me calculus and I know it better than my friends at school Really in 2 weeks I learned how to differentiate This book is wonderful for beginners. This book requires some prior knowledge of Calculus so it s not really an introduction I gave up after a few pages and found helpful material on Youtube I may return to the book after educating myself on the basics But I wouldn t recommend it as a book for beginners. This book covers the basic and then move to advanced stuff However, this book is not for complete beginners, but for those that have a good knowledge of mathematics or those that have studied A level mathematics or higher qualification. Calculus A Complete Introduction Is The Most Comprehensive Yet Easy To Use Introduction To Using Calculus Written By A Leading Expert, This Book Will Help You If You Are Studying For An Important Exam Or Essay, Or If You Simply Want To Improve Your Knowledge The Book Covers All Areas Of Calculus, Including Functions, Gradients, Rates Of Change, Differentiation, Exponential And Logarithmic Functions And Integration Everything You Will Need To Know Is Here In One Book Each Chapter Includes Not Only An Explanation Of The Knowledge And Skills You Need, But Also Worked Examples And Test Questions This is an en excellent book for anyone wanting to learn or refresh their knowledge of calculus. Great way to learn Well written makes learning calculus easy

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