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Calculus: A Complete Introduction: The Easy Way to Learn Calculus (Teach Yourself) Un buen libro para aprender y muy introductorio y sin complicaciones A well written introduction to calculus This book should be used with several other books in the subject This is an excellent introductory text that does a great job at helping you develop the intuition for problems in single variable calculus I ve gone through it, and I d happily recommend it to anyone else interested in calculus but who only have even just a faint memory of high school algebra One of my favorite parts of the books is its chapter on trigonometric integration, which offer unusual but successful trig substitutions to solve integrals.Apart from the numerous typos that other readers have pointed out, I d also mention the main caveat of this book is that it barely covers any analysis This book will be a great refresher on differentiation methods and rules and the methods of integration to achieve areas of 2 and 3D figures, but it only touches on power series in a brief chapter, and never returns You won t find anything on Riemann sums, differentiability conditions, limits beyond the bare minimum to differentiate , series convergence tests, etc., which you ll probably cover in depth in a Calc I or Calc II course However, if your main drive was simply to get into calculus as was mine , then it s a perfectly good book, and you can catch up on analysis later.ETA I was wrong, there is coverage of Riemann integration in chapter 15. the problem with this book is it s complete lack of logic in the presentation of topics and questions, and it s complete lack of explanations of answers to its questions regards the first point, the author consistently asks questions in sections of the book involving topics not yet discussed for example, there are questions about differentiating trig functions BEFORE the section on differentiating trig functions it makes no sense but even worse, regards the second point, there are no descriptions of the answers in the answer section in other words, if you got the answer wrong, you re dead in the water because there is no explanation of how the question was resolved based on this, the book cannot be considered a teach yourself guide additionally, so many of the test yourself word problems are so badly worded, that i really didn t even know what the question was it was on these types of word problems particularly that the answers should ve been thoroughly laid out there is no value in asking a question that takes many calculations to answer and supplying only the final answer this tells you only that you don t know what you re doing, but then what This book has been very helpful for my calculus class, I recommend it to anyone that needs extra help, or just feel like learning something new. I like the book, but is not a complete introduction, especially those of us who have become rusty since taking calculus in college years ago. Calculus A Complete Introduction Is The Most Comprehensive Yet Easy To Use Introduction To Using Calculus Written By A Leading Expert, This Book Will Help You If You Are Studying For An Important Exam Or Essay, Or If You Simply Want To Improve Your Knowledge The Book Covers All Areas Of Calculus, Including Functions, Gradients, Rates Of Change, Differentiation, Exponential And Logarithmic Functions And Integration Everything You Will Need To Know Is Here In One Book Each Chapter Includes Not Only An Explanation Of The Knowledge And Skills You Need, But Also Worked Examples And Test Questions

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