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Calisthenics: The 20-Minute Dream Body with Bodyweight Exercises and Calisthenics (Bodyweight Training, Street Workout, Calisthenics) (English Edition) Do You Dream Of Having A Lean, Mean, Muscular Body Obliterate The Old You And Create The Powerful, Toned Body You Always WantedAre You Worried That You Don T Have Enough Time To Lose Weight Are You Sick Of The Pounds Stacking On And Covering Up Your Muscles John Powers Is One Of The Country S Foremost Experts In Personal Training With Years Of Experience In Grueling Military Workouts, High Intensity Training, And Calisthenics, Powers Spends His Time Helping People Get The Bodies Of Their Dreams And Now He S Here To Help You Do The Same Calisthenics The Minute Dream Body With Bodyweight Exercises And Calisthenics Provides A Thorough, Practical Program Designed To Help You Get Results Fast Using Powers System As Your Secret Weapon, Youll Soon See The Fat Melting Away And The Muscle Mass Packing OnInside Calisthenics, Youll Learn The Top Bodyweight Exercises To Lose Weight And Build MusclesThe Advanced Exercises To Boost Your Progress Every Single DayThe Day Challenge That Will Take Your Body To A Whole New LevelThe Best Exercises That Require No EquipmentHow To Get Those Killer Abs Fast And Much, Much Calisthenics Is Packed With Practical, Detailed, Bodyweight Workouts And Nutritional Guidelines If You Like Step By Step Guides That Are Delivered By An Expert And Designed To Get Fast Results, Then Youll Love John Powers Landmark BookBuy Calisthenics To Start Your Personal Transformation Today I needed a Kindle book with examples of exercises I could do on my own without equipment Progressive Calisthenics really delivered All of the exercise use your own body and natural resistance to burn fat or tone and build muscle They re split up into basic and advanced exercises, and the author provides several different routines aimed at people with different fitness levels There s even a special couch potato routine for exercising during commercials which is probably perfect for me right now haha What really surprised me is how far into the book you read before hitting the exercise info First, the author walks you through a lot of excellent information on how to make the most of calisthenics, including a big section on diet He also helps you figure out how long it will take for you to see results.Some of the info you ll have heard elsewhere, but there were a few things that surprised me like calorie intake being based off of lean weight, not your scale weight, or how potatoes aren t a healthy carb There are pictures of what a good diet looks like, so you get real examples instead of just general info I was surprised by all of the practical advice, and I liked the format.There s a lot of science and even some history to read through, but it all helps explain things, so keep reading Eventually you ll get to the diet and exercise portions and be happy you did. The book is well written and edited, and nice to look at However, this is where my eulogies stop.I was debating whether to maybe give it 3 or 4 stars, but in the end I said to myself hey, it s a book about FUNCTIONAL, PRACTICAL stuff, and if it doesn t live up to that, then why give it that many stars Here s what I think 1 Over half the book is dedicated to a lot of mostly unnecessary, albeit interesting, info Carbs, fats, different kinds of foods, cellular processes, motivation, etc Well explained, but most of us know this already Could have been much briefer.2 Some of the information is incorrect, or simply false The body does NOT use 2 3 gallons of water during heavy exercise That s twice the entire amount of blood we have Soy is not recommendable most soy is GMO, and is not good for men anyway Milk and fruit together are a bad combo, and most bodybuilders have long cut out things like skim milk And you should not eat right before sleep, no matter your body type.3 The author is the biggest question mark of all I could find nothing about him on the internet No pictures of him in the book either So how exactly did he insert photos and video links of the different exercises Well he found other people s photos and videos, and inserted them into the book, that s how The various charts and graphs seem to be also taken from the net Wouldn t we want to see the author doing exercises himself Instead, he links Youtube videos from loads of different people.And although his bio states he studied calisthenics, there is no mention of him actually creating a great body for himself with calisthenics No photo of his great bod All this leads me to believe that the author is an armchair theorist, who has picked up his info from books, and repackaged them into his own IF I am wrong, I ask the author to prove otherwise with proper credentials, photos, and videos of himself.4 The book starts off pretty well, but when it comes to the practical part, almost two thirds into the book, things get confusing At the start of the book, he claims calisthenics are simple, mentioning 4 5 basic exercises in the intro, but when he gets into the meat of things, all this is turned upside down There are too many different exercises even if we allow for the fact that some are for advanced practitioners Too many warmup exercises are given even for the 2 minute warmup routine.5 Many vague statements, and variations of eating, lifestyle, and exercise, that simply confuse and are not explained in detail If you are X, then do Y If you are A, then do B If you are C, then do Z This is something that a beginner cannot handle since it is too vague The book confused me even though I m not new to the game.6 No practical, realistic, week to week routine for someone who is just starting You re expecting an exercise routine, with clearly laid out progression, clear explanations of how much to rest not 3 different versions , clear instructions on how much and what to eat for each particular type of person I have not found this in the book, and would imagine that a complete beginner would not know exactly what to do, and would simply have to go by guesswork.To sum up, I don t remember the last time I asked for a refund for an book, but this time I feel I will have to. As a middle aged, sedentary woman living in a rural community with brutal winters, and the closest gym almost an hour away, I was looking for a way to become healthier without having to drive a long distance or buy bulky equipment Having injured myself in a gym, I ve avoided working out for years, but recently my lack of physical activity has taken its toll I wanted to reintroduce simple, safe exercise into my life, and with my fear of injury, calisthenics seemed like the best choice Thus, I picked up this book, because of its focus on bodyweight exercise I m glad I did It was very easy to read, has valuable and sensible information about diet, detailed workout programs for everyone including a couch potato like me , and also most importantly clear photographs of every exercise, so I can do them correctly I have a long way to go to get back in shape But I ve taken my first step to a healthier lifestyle, and thanks to this book, I know what to do next Excellent resource.

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