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Teen Genius And Hermit Carrre Pilbys To Do List List Things You Love And DO THEM Join A Club And TALK TO PEOPLE Go On A Date With Someone You Actually LIKE Tell Someone You Care Your Therapist DOESNT COUNT Celebrate New Years With OTHER PEOPLE Seriously Carrie Would Rather Stay In Bed Than Deal With The Immoral, Sex Obsessed Hypocrites Who Seem To Overrun Her Hometown, New York City Shes Sick Of Trying To Be Like Everybody Else She Isnt But When Her Own Therapist Gives Her A Five Point Plan To Change Her Social Outcast Status, Carrie Takes A Hard Look At Herselfand Agrees To TrySuddenly The World Doesnt Seem So Bad But Is Prodigy Carrie Really Going To Dumb Things Down Just To Fit In How Far Should A Teen Genius Go To Fit In Carrie Pilby (Red Dress Ink Novels) (English Edition)

About the Author: Caren Lissner

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Carrie Pilby (Red Dress Ink Novels) (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Caren Lissner author readers around the world.

15 thoughts on “Carrie Pilby (Red Dress Ink Novels) (English Edition)

  1. Eleanor Eleanor says:

    Starts of great with a slightly off course ending, but still very enjoyable book I found the character of Carrie s therapist to be particularly amusing along with Carrie s dry sense of humour and her great observations.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    Mir hat es die Figur Carrie Pilby wahrlich angetan Der Schreibstil, durch den wir Carrie kennenlernen, ist frisch, frech und sehr unterhaltsam Zu meiner Schande muss ich gestehen, dass ich zuerst den Film gesehen und dann sofort nach dem Buch gegriffen habe Wie so oft, ist auch diesmal das Buch noch mal eine ganz and

  3. CJD CJD says:

    I chose this book because it was the basis for an upcoming movie whose trailer piqued my interest Ultimately I disliked it because it was one of those stories in which so little happens that I end up sort of leaning forward without relief In that way it reminds me of Waiting for Godot, a style of storytelling not to my

  4. halimemaloof halimemaloof says:

    It s a nice book I related a lot to Carrie most of the time and even in those times when I didn t it was entertaining enough to finish the book It brought some memories to me but I also felt like growing with Carrie as well Overall a great book a bit slow and exasperating at times too.

  5. Laura S. Laura S. says:

    I only bought this book because there will be a movie about it and it sounded like a book I might like I actually did really enjoyed this book and I can t wait for the movie to come out soon.

  6. Jeanne Merken Jeanne Merken says:

    J ai achet le livre en broch.Ce livre est pour moi le meilleur, je l ai lu plusieurs fois en fran ais et je l ai achet pour le relire mais en version originale cette fois.Command un dimanche, arriv le mercredi au lieu du samedi Colis tr s bien emball , s curis Cependant il y a quelques t ches d encre que les pages et quelques fo

  7. Aaron Smith Aaron Smith says:

    Left me missing Carrie long after the last page.

  8. Client d' Client d' says:

    Sympa mais sans plus Pas vraiment une histoire palpitante Personnage interessant mais quand on referme le livre on en retire pas grand chose.

  9. H2Odog477 H2Odog477 says:

    It made me laugh, cry, and look authors up, and other things that piqued my interest I didn t graduate Harvard at eighteen I related to her frustrating problems with relating to people however Great characters and development I saw the movie which prompted me to get the kindle version With the covid 19 isolation going on I was reading th

  10. Jane Williams Jane Williams says:

    I read and loved this book when I was 17 and it instantly became one of my favorites, but I read it again at 28 and it meant so much to me on different levels It s a book that you d want to curl up with and really digest and enjoy As some others have said here, besides being funny, there are so many things in it that are true to life but yo

  11. David McCann David McCann says:

    I m an older man 62 years but in reading this book I have a greater appreciation of my three children whose lives have taken some dramatic turns beginning at age 19.And what a great book to reflect upon my life and my view of the world at age 19.Bravo to Caren Lissner so good was the book I recommended it to a local high school English teacher

  12. Charlie Charlie says:

    I read this book in 2003, and again in 2010 and loved it even , if possible, the second time Caren Lissner is a wonderful writer, and Carrie s journey made me look at my own life a little closely You can t judge a book by it s cover has never been true by the way I m not sure what they were going for here, but Carrie is anything but frilly and

  13. sepetie08 sepetie08 says:

    Not really the funny book I was expecting Kind of depressing and then when things were looking up it ended I wanted detail at the end It ended too soon and didn t really wrap up a lot of the plot lines it had started.

  14. Lesley Lesley says:

    Cute, she s charming yet Also slightly annoying lol I like that she s different and smart and it s aggravating that she can t enjoy much and questions absolutely everything

  15. Happy Teacher Happy Teacher says:

    This book was okay, not great, but it kept my interest enough to finish it I guess the main reason I am luke warm regarding this novel is that I didn t really like Carrie I didn t even like her after her epiphany, she was snobbish and condescending and the fact that other book characters liked her baffles me.

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