Chains: Book One in the Bound Series (English Edition) Prime –

Chains: Book One in the Bound Series (English Edition) It took too long to get interesting The author s use of grammar, particularly adjectives, was rather poor The character development just wasn t there and by the end of the story I could have cared less about any of them I certainly won t purchase Book 2 Oh yes, Chains is a cliffhanger. I don t normally read this type of book But this author is so skilled she still pulled me in and kept my attention throughout Even though I generally skip through repetitive sex scenes, I found myself absorbing every word Kudos to this author for her amazing talent and story te ling abilities I generally hate cliffhangers with a passion, but now I have to find out what happens so I m off to buy book 2. Oh my goodness, why did I wait so long to read this book I bought this book a while ago fell in love with the cover The guy on the cover just looked so yummy and intense So I finally sat down and started reading it Oh man the feels I don t think I hated a boss as much as I hated Dragon lady, and then cam to find out oh wait there is hate to go around I meet Mr Carson I mean I know there has to be drama but I really wanted Cleo to scream my sister is NOT weapon, and then to turn around to the dragon lady and scream its CLEO.But then she meet Mr Chains and the smile the spread across my face was undeniable Oh and I usually hate cliffhanger but for some reason I was ok with this one Oh well into downloading the rest of the series. You know that buzzy feeling you get when you get to the climax of a good book Yeah, I had that buzzy feeling from chapter one until the last page OMG, what did I just read This book is beyond the scale Marcus is so Alpha, a dark mystery and deliciously addictive Cleo is sassy, smart, and so freakin addicted to Marcus s deliciousness Both are keeping secrets, both are inexplicably drawn to each other, and both are headed for a fall This book does end on a cliffhanger but you will rush to get the next book as am I When A Novice Tiptoes Into The World Of Dominance, Sparks Of Passion Become Dangerous FlamesStruggling Journalist Cleo Garcia Has Been Assigned To Investigate The Members Of An Exclusive Club Her First Instinct Is To Turn Down The Assignment, But When Her Boss Offers To Pay Medical Benefits For Her Sick Sister, The Offer Becomes Too Good To RefuseWhen The Party Turns Out To Be Intense Than Expected, She Leaves In A Panic, And Accidentally Slides Into The Wrong Driver S CarFor Marcus Everett, Secrets Are His Life He Has No Desire To Draw People Into He Prefers They Come To Him, And In A Way, That S Precisely What Cleo Did When She Slid Into His Car At One Of His Events There S Something Familiar About Her, And He Wants To Draw Her Into His World, But He Needs It To Be Her DecisionSecrets Are Shared, Lines Are Drawn, And Limitations Are Discussed Before Either Of Them Realize Who The Other Really Is By Then, It S Too Late Cleo S Falling In Love With Marcus, The Man She S Investigating She Ll Be Forced To Choose Between Her Heart, Her Job, And Her Sister S Life But What Happens When It Turns Out Cleo Isn T The Only One Digging Up Hidden Secrets Scroll Up And One Click To Start Reading This Sexy Romantic Suspense Novel Today

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