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Clover Kitty Does NOT Want To Go To Kittygarten Although She Might Like A Friend To Play With, Kittygarten Feels Overwhelming For A Sensory Sensitive Kitty Like Clover And When She Arrives, It Is Exactly As She Fears Her Classroom Is Too Loud, The Lights Are Too Bright, And Everyone Comes Too Close So Clover Throws A Fit And Decides To Quit Kittygarten But When A Classmate Comes To Check On Her, She Begins To Reconsider Maybe It S Time For Clover To Give Kittygarten Another Chance Clover Kitty Goes to Kittygarten

About the Author: Laura Purdie Salas

Laura Purdie Salas is the author ofthan 130 books for kids and teens, including WATER CAN BE Millbrook, 2014 , A LEAF CAN BE Millbrook, 2012 , and BOOKSPEAK POEMS ABOUT BOOKS Clarion, 2011 She loves to introduce kids to poetry and help them find poems they can relate to, no matter what their age, mood, and personality Laura is a thinker, a cupcake and brownie addict, and an adventurer as long as it doesn t involve skydiving.

10 thoughts on “Clover Kitty Goes to Kittygarten

  1. Rose English Rose English says:

    Kittygarten is something new to Kitty and it frightens her.The beautiful illustrations bring the words to life in this wonderful tale of Kitty s first day at Kittygarten It is all too much fo

  2. Lynn Reynolds Lynn Reynolds says:

    Heartwarming TaleThis is a sweet, beautifully illustrated story about a little kitty with sensory issues who is starting kindergarten It does a great job of showing us kindergarten through her e

  3. Amy Amy says:

    BeautifulThis is a wonderful and beautiful book I got it because my grandson will be in kindergarten next year and thought it would be good to read together I cried after reading it because I wish

  4. Ty Ty says:

    An excellent story to read to a child before kindergartenThis book tells the tale of Clover the kitten who is an introvert and nervous about starting school and needed a bit of help to make it through

  5. Trisha Trisha says:

    Sensory friendly bookAlthough I don t have a child with sensory issues, I appreciated learningabout how they feel I think this book would be good to use to teach my children about how others might feel a

  6. elizrdbthspeaks elizrdbthspeaks says:

    i think this is called kindle first being a Prime member i get to pick a book before it is out comes out in August what a fun read amazing illustrations so cool great book cover check this read out well don

  7. Julie Julie says:

    Such a cute picture book for children, thought I would try something different fromfirst reads, the story was nice from the kittens perspective and the pictures in the book were so colourful and bright and the

  8. cathy cathy says:

    Very amusingResonates with families who have a autistic children Really enjoyed this tail Thanks so much.easy for understanding Fantastic story

  9. Cindy Cooke Cindy Cooke says:

    Cute read aloudNice way to ease kids into a new situation I am not sure they will understand all the kitty language, though Got this book in a giveaway.

  10. Judy Ripke Judy Ripke says:

    This book reminded me so much of some students I have taught in my classes I was glad to see Clover had a friend like Oliver, who wanted to be her friend no matter what Clover liked or didn t like.

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