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Conducting Beethoven: Volume 1: The Symphonies: The Symphonies Vol 1 It Might Be Thought Presumptuous To Detail Every Thought, Beat, And Gesture In Conducting The Standard Repertoire, For The Art Of Interpretation Must Always, By Its Very Nature, Be A Personal One But From His Lifelong Experience In Conducting The Beethoven Symphonies Norman Del Mar Is Able To Lead Us In A Discussion Of Them With Passion And Great Insight This Is An Essential Guide For Students Of These Great Works And A Starting Point For Young Conductors Del Mar Offers An Analysis Of The Music S Structure, Pointing Out Key Events In The Score And Offering Advice On How To Achieve The Desired Effect He Also Compares Variant Readings In The Different Editions But His Book Further Traces The Development Of Beethoven S Style And That Of The Symphony Over The Years Of Their Composition, From The Inspired Yet Simple First, So Evocative Of Haydn And Mozart, To The Supreme Peak Of The Choral , One Of The Greatest Masterpieces Of The Symphonic Form Del Mar Is Thus Able To Speak To All Devotees Of Beethoven S Symphonic Output, And Enhance Our Appreciation Of These Works

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  1. Martin Kuskis Martin Kuskis says:

    The late Norman Del Mar wrote a series of guides on conducting works in the orchestral repertoire They are not aimed only at conductors but are of great interest to music lovers generally You will however need to have copies of the orchestra scores he discusses, and be able to read them But there is no complex musical or philosophical analysis these are

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    English Conductor and teacher Norman Del Mar provides a detailed and enlightening approach to to the conducting student of Beethoven Symphonies Modelled on Felix Weingartner s book of the same title, Del Mar provides through his countless experience insights and pointers to any hopeful would be conductors All the traps concerning the performance of these sym

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