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Corresponding with Carlos: A Biography of Carlos Kleiber (English Edition) Carlos Kleiber was the greatest conductor of his generation His reputation is legendary, and yet astonishingly, in his five decades on the podium, he conducted onlyconcerts, someopera performances, and producedrecordings How did someone who worked so little compared to his peers achieve so much Between his relatively small output and well known aversion to publicity, many came to regard Kleiber as reclusive and remote, bordering on unapproachable But ina conducting student at Stanford University wrote him a letter, and an unusual thing occurred the world renowned conductor replied And so began ayear correspondence, study, and friendship by mailDrawing heavily on this decade and a half exchange, Corresponding with Carlos is the first English language biography of Kleiber ever written Charles Barber offers unique insights into how Kleiber worked based on their long and detailed correspondence This biography by one friend of another considers, among other matters, Kleibers singular aesthetic, his playful and often erudite sense of humor, his reputation for perfectionism, his much studied baton technique, and the famous concert and opera performances he conductedComic and compelling, Corresponding with Carlos explores the great conductors musical lineage and the contemporary contexts in which he worked It repudiates myths that inevitably crop up around genius and reflects on Kleibers contribution to modern musical performance This biography is ideal for musicians, scholars, and anyone with a special love of the great classical music tradition

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    Este libro es obligado para los amantes de la m sica ya que les permitir conocer o decubrir la figura genial del, para muchos, mejor director de orquesta de la historia, como as lo indica el ranquing de la BBC, donde aparece Kleiber en primer lugar, por delante de mitos como Berstein, Karajan o Toscanini Merece la pena la parte de biogafria a trav s de las cartas que se escribi con el aprendiz de Director Barber, m s que el apartado donde reproduce todas las cartas, una por una, que resulta un poco tedioso Son muy buenos los apendices sobre la obra publicada, pirata o que se qued en proyecto de Kleiber En definitiva, un buen libro que, con curiosidad, permite irse metiendo en otros mundos, obras musicales o personajes que se relacionan en el mismo texto.

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    En mi opini n esta biograf a un tanto sui generis de Carlos Kleiber es un documento muy valioso para todos sus admiradores Se lee con inter s El libro est plagado de an cdotas, muchas de ellas desconocidas para m , de este personaje siempre misterioso y enigm tico Uno de los episodios que desconoc a era la intenci n de Deutsche Grammophone de grabar y publicar el Concierto Emperador de Beethoven con Kleiber y Benedetti Michelageli El cap tulo que trata de este asunto se titula algo as como Con dos emperadores no hay reino posible y explica los problemas que impidieron que la grabaci n, ya iniciada, pudiera terminar y salir al mercado Como otras veces, Kleiber abandon abruptamente la grabaci n al ver que Michelangeli no estaba de acuerdo con los cambios que unilateralmente hab a introducido el director Otro aspecto que me ha llamado la atenci n son las declaraciones de Brian Large diciendo que tanto Valery Gergiev como Kleiber estaban locos, si bien, la locura del primero ten a un prop sito musical, mientras que lo de Kleiber era pure craziness, es decir, locura en estado puro.Casi todas las opiniones sobre el libro inciden en que tiene un precio elevado, lo cual es cierto Aun as , teniendo en cuenta que la tirada de la edici n no debe ser muy alta, al tratar un tema de inter s minoritario, es l gico que tenga un precio m s alto que cualquier otro libro En definitiva, es un libro recomendable para todos aqu llos que est n interesados en conocer mejor la figura del maestro Kleiber.

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    best musical book I have ever read.

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    A really fascinating book about the greatest conductor of his generation A must read for any Kleiber fan

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    Fantastic insight into one of the greatest conductors of all time.

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    This book may seem expensive at first sight but it is well bound, on good quality paper and in good clear print.It is in two parts, a biographical section which includes the discussion of some of Kleiber s recordings a score would be helpful to understand some of the remarks and tells us a number of things about his character the fact that he was extremely highly strung and over sensitive which we would not guess from Kleiber s letters We are not told that he suffered from bipolar disorder The second part of the book contains the letters of the conductor with summaries of Barber s letters interposed Kleiber sends up a veritable smokescreen of great wit and humour He claims to know nothing about how one should conduct though he occasionally says how a phrase should be played It is a pity that the musical quotes, essential to understanding, are not given.Kleiber s likes and dislikes among his colleagues are often surprising and amusing, though he rarely justifies his opinions He admires Boult and Stokowski not surprising and also slowcoach Reginald Goodall yet strongly dislikes Celibidache for being too slow Outside music, he has a particular affection for the poetry of Emily Dickinson her mysterious, cryptic poetry reflects well Kleiber s character.There is a fuller biography in German which is unlikely ever to be translated now but Charles Barber s makes for a very enjoyable alternative as he was one of the very rare people to have kept up a correspondance with the perplexing genius that was Carlos Kleiber.

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    This excellent bio based on correspondence entirely and the interchange that takes place over a period close to 15 years or is a wonder in itself Carlos Kleiber is an enigma that defies what we understand to be a conductor s mission in classical music to beThere are pages that may be trying in the attempt to get closer the the man himself but a brief survey of You Tube by those who knew Carlos and father can see and hear their comments and appreciate the man in a visceral way For me my several recordings esp the Sony cd dvd of 1989 and 1992 with the Vienna Phil and the 1975 Beethoven 5 and 7 with Vienna Phil and the Beethoven 7 with the live performance of 1982 with the Bavarian State Orchestra on Orfeo are revelatory Any other conductors are mere baton twirlers The author does as much as anyone can decipher the enigma of Carlos and his place in classical music.

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    Muito boa biografia de uma figura fant stica e tamb m misteriosa da m sica cl ssica.Poucos teriam condi es de elaborar a biografia de CK.

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    Wonderful insights into a unique and utterly inspiring conductor.

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    carlos kleiber est le plus grand chef decede en 2004

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    Well written and very interesting

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