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Coulro There is an evil predator out there, lurking, stalking, and mimicking the unspeakable ways of John Wayne Gacy Its presence in one rural town causes strange and tragic events Police and detectives investigate in an attempt to cure the town's coulrophobia, but there’s one uninterruptible master of this dark clown army that continues to elude It takes one previously abducted survivor, Lukas Nagy, who must first overcome his own fears, to track the killer and try to put an end to all of the clown madness Be afraid of a clown whenever you see one, he could be a murderer, a child molester, an evil entity or all three of it This clown described here is supernatural, John Wayne Gacy is referred to and it's quite an exciting and quick read The ending is quite interesting too I can clearly recommend this book if you want to readabout evil clowns! It has some chilling pages for you Even though Coulro is categorized as horror, it is clearlyof a psychological mystery This short novel is a concept that confirms ALL OF our preconceived haunting beliefs and assumptions about clowns THEY ARE ALL INDEED EVIL The plot uses misdirection and coincidence, yet is reasonable and coherent given careful observation of the clues presented.CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FILM!!! I dont understand the other reviewsThe book was childish and and the story poorly written.All the sudden they are conjuring a clown spirit but killing it with a shotgun.The characters were weak and the whole story just too far fetched to even be slightly enjoyable.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 130 pages
  • Coulro
  • Brandon Swarrow
  • English
  • 10 September 2018

About the Author: Brandon Swarrow

Brandon Swarrow has four fiction novels; The Barn, Hugo Read This!, The ThrillPlex Theater, and his most recent Coulro He has also published several short stories, and poems Brandon currently resides near Pittsburgh, PA with his wife Michelle and two children.

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