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Country House Murders (1930s Murder Mystery 2) The publishers have copied the style of the popular British Library series of classic crime fiction and describe this book as a 1930s murder In fact it was published in 2014 Full of detail which kept me gripped by the story to the last page Dear Jack, I Think I M About To Be Arrested And Charged With Murder Tom Morris, Busy Cataloguing The Library Of Plumwood Hall, Is In A Fix Three Days Before, A Member Of The Family Had Keeled Over At Afternoon Tea After Eating A Slice Of Fruit Cake Laced With Poison And Tom Has Been Fingered By The Weasel Like Inspector Hyde As Chief Suspect The Young Scholar Turns To The Only Person Who Can Help His Old Oxford Tutor, C S Jack Lewis As They Investigate, Mystery Piles On Mystery Why Did The Victim S Husband Disappear Twelve Months Before Why Is A Strange Tattooed Foreigner Living In A Cottage On The Moors Who Is The Wild Man Of The Woods And Most Puzzling Of All How Did A Massive Dose Of Cyanide Get Into Just One Slice Of Cake This Mind Twisting Case Has All The Hallmarks Of A Classic Country House Mystery Woven Throughout The Story Is An Engaging Conversation About Lewis S Christian Worldview This is to be a gift for someone who has others in this collection, he thinks their great A good read, but I knew who dunnit quite early on, but not the motives. Rubbish Contrived. From sub Wodehousian whimsy to death and decay, from metaphysical moralising to eschatological speculation, from facetious philosophising to flagrant plagiarism I struggled to the end, skipping the turgid Stuff but feeling that there was still much unfinished or incomplete never mind, one is not, after all, obliged to read I do wish the writer had refrained from such blatant pockling as Ronnie Fish and the butler named Keggs to mention but two To pockle Scots word for pinching Predictable it was child s play to guess who the murderer was the use of language dialogue idioms was not at all in keeping with the era Also, giving railway engines and other inanimate objects, anthropomorphic tendencies and the overuse of comparatives similes became really tiresome, the one read Disappointing. Quite well written, but lapses off into philosophical religious themes which interrupted the story. An occaionally disconcerting mixture of styles perhaps a bit over ambitious but a light hearted read, although I had solved the mystery as to method almost from the start It s good to read a book which is free from the cringe making sloppy grammar which is so prevalent these days.

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