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Daily Exercises for Cello Good quality, pretty generic. This Wonderful Clean Reprint Of The Original Plates Is Exactly What Cellists Need To Have In Their Library, Starting With Rigorous Training For Trills Shakes , This Pp Paperback Is A Must Have For Any Cellist Glossy Cover Printed In English, French, And German There are some worthwhile exercises in small doses, and some not so worthwhile exercises From a historical perspective, this collection is nice to have, to see what cello pedagogues is a good idea to do on the cello.If you use this book, use only 3 4 of the exercises in it at a time Speed is built up my breakthroughs in playing mechanism that enable fast speed, not by repeating speed exercises Accurate position work comes from consistent attention to accuracy, not by shifting exercises.However, there are some worthwhile exercises in this collection It is important to always select only a very relevant portion, and not to play aimlessly at all Certain exercises, if not right for the students hand, should not be played Other exercises are very helpful. the basic exercises required all in one place Exellent

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