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It appears I am in the minority I found the book a meandering mix of pseudopsychology, attempts at philosophy aping Zen and the Art , and self aggrandizement For a truly well written and unflinchingly rational examination of survival and tragedy, read William Langewiesche. Read it in two days while camping Normally non story info type books take me forever to read because the authors never seem to get to the point or repeat themselves constantly This book was interesting to read with chapters for each point the author was trying to make that weren t overly long and redundant Each chapter introduced a new real life story and then also referred to prior stories to help bring the point home I know he says the information is useful outside of wilderness or disaster survival but all I can say is maybe on that point I think if you re currently going thru some crisis or ongoing childhood trauma or problem at work, IMHO reading this book isn t going to make a light go on and you ll somehow work your way out of whatever you re mired in By that point either you have the stuff to survive or you don t However, in hoping that somebody could internalize the concepts for some future scenario that might happen and the draw on them, I m going to be making the rest of my outdoorsy family read it Probably the best lesson was the concept of emotional bookmarks That and apparently we shouldn t be calling people who die in the wilderness morons when they so obviously died from doing something very stupid Nah, I ll still do that I m also going to just say that by the end of the book, I thought the author had daddy issues of some sort and writing the book was a sort of reflective therapy for him But then again I think if anyone reflects on their life to any degree, they ll find most of their behavior can be rooted in childhood events and their parents. This is one of the best 20 books I ve read in my life If read on multiple levels, it is far than about survival in adventure sports or combat It s about how to handle all kinds of disasters that we all eventually face The book is elegantly written, too I have been a sea kayaker, scuba diver, and backpacker over the course of my life and as I read I remembered incidents and people over decades of my life No fatalities thank goodness, though some deserved to die As for myself, this book has kept me from doing some insanely stupid things and reminded my of dumb things I ve done that should have killed me I have recommended this book to any number of friends and I heard of it from my closest brother I always tell them, If you read this book and think of it as simply a series of people making mistakes, you haven t gotten it Look underneath and find the deeper things and you will find them. I liked the instructive examples of survivors stories I didn t like the apparent lack of organization The theme of the book seems to be something like, survival skill you either got it, or you don t What it actually is, is hard to say It s a book about nothing The author has a touch of braggadocio as he flaunts the reckless courage or foolishness he has exercised in his lifetime But, I suppose, It ain t braggin if you done it I m very glad to have read it It has helped me see my past and present actions in a detailed filter of the right stuff that all Achievers grasp for And he inadvertently affirms many biblical or proverbial truths about a godly spirit, a spirit that simultaneously stretches for the stars, but exerts no grip on his actions A state of being that is both intentional and Laissez Faire, or spirit led It reveals a Zen like attitude of loving the very substance of your present state for the beauty that can be found there, and in the act of loving rather than fearing or dreading, anguish flees and creativity is borne This is the very essence of a converted heart, a heart in tune with God, dead to self, alive to the spirit This book channels these notions.A pleasurable read. With Its Mix Of Adventure Narrative, Survival Science And Practical Advice, Deep Survival Inspires Readers On How To Take Control Of Stress, Learn To Assess Risk And Make Better Decisions Under Pressure Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why book, this is one of the most wanted Laurence (Sante Fe Institute) Gonzales author readers around the world.

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