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Delphi High Performance Primo is the ideal author to write this book, and he assembled the kind of resource we all need to read.I appreciate that it talks both about responsiveness and computation performance It is also refreshing to see a book that is written with attention paid to the latest technology, while also being applicable to earlier versions of Delphi.I ve been programming Delphi since the beginning, and Turbo Pascal before that, and just flipping through this book I learned useful information. Thanks to Packt for bringing out some fantastic Delphi books, they have tapped into some great authors Its great that we have seen some great books on Delphi over the past 3 5 years. A new Delphi book is a rare thing these days, and this is a good one I m always tweaking my code to optimise performance, so this was right up my alley.While it covers a lot of things I already knew, there was also plenty I didn t know and I ve been using delphi since v1 or had forgotten The book goes into just the right amount of detail, with excellent examples.Should be required reading for all Delphi developers I am completely in AWE of Primoz new book Delphi High Performance After reading only 4 chapters i have already produced two tickets for two different 3rd party vendors and the bugs are already fixed Most literature in lieu leaves me with a well, i knew that But this book is really an eye opener to me.You get walked through all those things that are a bit murky Important and interesting details regarding the subject matter explained with humour, exactness and detail Also and i appreciate this a lot the authors personal views on some particular details is accounted for This is not a beginners book, put it in the hands of someone without hands on experience and they will probably go do a LOT of premature optimization. Build Fast, Scalable, And High Performing Applications With Delphi Key Features Build Efficient And Concurrent Applications In Delphi With Focused Examples Identify Performance Bottlenecks And Apply The Correct Algorithm To Increase The Performance Of Applications Delve Into Parallel Programming And Memory Management To Optimize Your Code Book DescriptionDelphi Is A Cross Platform Integrated Development Environment IDE That Supports Rapid Application Development For Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Google Android, IOS, And Now Linux With RAD Studio This Book Will Be Your Guide To Build Efficient High Performance Applications With Delphi The Book Begins By Explaining How To Find Performance Bottlenecks And Apply The Correct Algorithm To Fix Them It Will Teach You How To Improve Your Algorithms Before Taking You Through Parallel Programming You Ll Then Explore Various Tools To Build Highly Concurrent Applications After That, You Ll Delve Into Improving The Performance Of Your Code And Master Cross Platform RTL Improvements Finally, We Ll Go Through Memory Management With Delphi And You Ll See How To Leverage Several External Libraries To Write Better Performing Programs By The End Of The Book, You Ll Have The Knowledge To Create High Performance Applications With Delphi What You Will Learn Find Performance Bottlenecks And Easily Mitigate Them Discover Different Approaches To Fix Algorithms Understand Parallel Programming And Work With Various Tools Included With Delphi Master The RTL For Code Optimization Explore Memory Managers And Their Implementation Leverage External Libraries To Write Better Performing Programs Who This Book Is ForThis Book Is For Delphi Developers Who Would Like To Build High Performance Applications With Delphi Prior Knowledge Of Delphi Is Assumed

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