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마왕일기 1 Raenef is the black sheep of the demon court, with minimal knowledge of magic and courtly etiquette In order to help him claim his birthright as a demon lord, the demon masters send him the wise and noble teacher Eclipse to be his tutor As Raenef and Eclipse begin their journey of discovery, they find that the bonds of friendship are stronger than the teacherstudent relationship This volume also includes two bonus stories drawn by the same illustrator but by a different author; Crystal Heart and Terra

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • 마왕일기 1
  • Kara
  • English
  • 07 October 2017
  • 9781591821540

About the Author: Kara

Philip Kara who uses the same pseudonyme.

10 thoughts on “마왕일기 1

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    I can't remember another manga that made me laugh so much as this one!

    Hilarious and very good plot!
    I want more!!!!

    PS: Eclipse is HOT!!!!!!
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    I am definitely interested, and am looking forward to the next installment in the series.
    There's a humorous twist to the Demon Lord character in that he's not particularly evil. At all.

    I am now into the fourth book in this series and have completely changed my mind about how much I like it, hence the new rating of five stars. This is a keeper, a lender, and a definite recommendation to anyone who enjoys fantasy and/or manga!

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    Aaaaah, Demon Diary! I remembered the pretty art and the incoherent storytelling, but I had totally forgotten how crackalicious you are. What other book has dialogue like this:

    Eclipse: What should you do if someone sees you taking a bath?

    Raenef: Say harumph with aplomb, cast a faint prevention spell and then administer 99 wedgies. Finish by butchering him with a butter knife. Right?

    You have to admit, that does have more panache than just turning the guy into a stag and setting his own dogs on him. The spell to prevent someone from fainting during the wedgie administration is a nice touch.

    The back up stories strive for profundity and crash on the rocks of cliche.

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    Normally when I review these older, out-of-print manga titles, I typically preface them with the explanation that it was something I recall reading in middle or high school, usually thanks to the generosity of the friends who owned the volumes loaning them to me during a lunch period. Believe it or not, the story here isn't that I read this one. I had a friend who collected Demon Diary, but I never once had an interest in trying it myself; instead, when Ice Kunion later began releasing Angel Diary, I was the only one in my friend group who took a significant interest in that particular series, and was only vaguely aware that the two series shared a universe.

    Now, as an adult looking to go back and try out older series, with Angel Diary being one I want to work on collecting again, I figured it was finally time to give Demon Diary a try right before diving full-in to the series I'm already familiar with. So far, I've enjoyed the first volume, it's a quick, fun little intro to two of our main characters (possibly three, I think one of the other characters that appears will be recurring.)

    I will say that personally, I'm not sure yet what I think about this series based on the first book alone, due to the difference in set dressing. This feels like it takes place within a more fantasy-flavored realm, whereas Angel Diary mentions the realm of Heaven, and takes place within the modern world. I'm left feeling a little confused then, about how the two intersect, but I'm hoping the further I read, the more clarity I'll get on that front.

    That aside, this was a quick, decent introduction to the series, and I certainly enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

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    Demon Diary take place in Medieval times and focuses of the main protagonist, named Raenef, and his journey in becoming a fully fledged demon lord. He is a very childish character, whereas demon lords need to be strict and stoic. He is learning how to become a demon lord from his instructor, Eclipse, who served all 4 of the other Demon Lord Raenefs before our current protagonist. He soon finds that he has his work cut out for him and that teaching this Raenef how to become stern is a difficult task at best. They eventually meet and recruit Erutis, a young sword master and mercenary who tried to kill Raenef when they first met, and Chris, a High-Priest in training, who used a spell to summon Raenef to his temple to try and kill him (And ends up being punished by the current High-Priest by being sent to live with Raenef for awhile). The art style is very old-anime esc I believe, with pointy chins and hair. I really liked Demon Diary, with its lovable characters and funny scenarios. The characters are very likeable, and their are some good turns and twists throughout the story. The characters do grow and change where the humans grow to like Raenef and Eclipse, and Eclipse. I think people should read this comic because it is really funny.

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    I had a much better memory of that book. It wasn't awful but it wasn't that interesting either. And the two bonus stories were cliche too. The main one is cute but to the point of being boring ... not sure I'll re read the rest.

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    I have loved this manga for years and i thought it would be fun to read it again. I was not disappointed! I loved it yet again! I can totally recommend! <3

  8. says:

    Definitely one of the funniest Mangas I've read in a long time!

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    I'm still very new to reading manga and decided to give this a try. It was a bit funny and enjoyable enough but I'm not totally in love with it

  10. says:

    I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this manga! It is so much fun! It's mostly crack... but that's okay! There's nothing wrong with reading crack! The intro to this manga series was just amazing, the characters are hilarious and caring, and the world building was great! I love how everything just seemed to flow so well. I can read this manga over and over and never get tired of it!

    Lee Chi Hyong did a great job with telling this story. The dialogue of the characters are so silly you just can't help but laugh at it most of the time. Hyong also went in depth with describing how the demon system works and also did a fantastic job with explaining what mezraez is and how it works. I was really taken in with the world and its beauty. Speaking of beauty, Kara, the illustrator, did an amazing job with the artwork. I'm telling you, the artwork is so beautiful! Highly detailed and pleasing to the eye. Even when she draws in chibi version, she makes it stand out. Plus, it's just so cute! <3

    Yes, I found the story intriguing but what made the story for me was the characters. God, I love these characters! Raenef, the main character and demon lord, is just so adorable! He's a little... slow but that only adds to the charm of his character. He's not your average demon lord as he's very kind and forgiving. He cares deeply about those surrounding him, especially Eclipse. Eclipse is Rae's servant. He is considered to be one of the most powerful demons in the Demon Realm. He's cold, heartless, and a bit of a grump but... being with Raenef softens that coldness about him. He tends to get frustrated easilly with Rae but that's only because he cares about him and wants him to be the best demon lord ever. These two grows from where they are now to something so much more by the end of the series (I would know, this is my sixth time reading through it. XD). Even by the end of this volume, you see how Eclipse slowly warms up to Raenef. It's very sweet! There aren't many supporting characters in this volume, they come later. However, you are introduced to a knight to who becomes one of the main characters in this series but I will not talk about the character in this review since the knight only appears for only a few short pages.

    In this volume comes two short stories as well by Soome Lee with illustrations by the same artist. Crystal Heart was a very good but sad story. I quite enjoyed the aspect of one's love crystallizing into a gem so that one day you will be able to give it to your true love. It's a very sweet thought... if you didn't have to give up something in return. Now, I won't say what it is but let's just say that the Crystal Heart was given up for someone who doesn't deserve it. I mean, the main person who receives it deserves it but the one who's going to get it after that doesn't... I hope that makes sense. If it doesn't then... just read the manga and you'll see for yourself. Anyway, I love the characters! Monika is so protecting! He would do anything for those he cares about. He even stopped a perv from doing something really bad to Mano! I love him! Speaking of Mano, he's just a sweetie. He is so dedicated to Monika and he does something that one won't ever be able to forget. I shall always love him. Lilith... she's a bitch and deserves to die. That's all you need to know. All-in-all, this story was amazing. It's tragically beautiful.

    The second short stroy is called Terra. I'll admit that I like this story, too. The concept about there being a goddess to protect the Earth from becoming completely polluted was an excellent idea. However, I felt that it wasn't executed perfectly. It was interesting but a bit dull compared to the rest of the manga. We don't get a huge sense of what's going on and why the characters are doing what they are doing. We don't even get to know who the characters are. I know it's a short story but in Crystal Heart I felt we got to know the characters in just a few pages. Not so much in this story. Jen is a guide for Vice and they are... well, I can't say what they are doing because that'll give everything away. Just know that Jen is goofy and Vice is the quiet-type. That's all you get to know about them.

    Despite this last short story, I really, really, REALLY love this manga! It is so worth the read for anyone! Well, no. I can't say anyone. There are hints of shounen-ai and if you are not into that then maybe you won't like this manga. However, the main focus is Raenef becoming a powerful demon lord and not the romance between the two male leads so I think you should check it out just in case. It has great action, comedy, drama, and, for those who can handle it, romance. Seriously, this was the first manga I ever bought when I was a child and I do not regret it one bit! If you can, try to get your hands on a copy! It's worth it! ^_^

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