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Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications Dispite occasional difficulty in understanding the book, partly due to format, it turned out to be an excellent resource to delve fairly deeply into the subject for an actual understanding of the topic Rather than superficial understanding If you struggle with the topic use some online videos then try rereading it for a better understanding Practice problems are absolutely necessary Do them there are lots you can choose from.Be aware there are simpler problems requiring basic math knowledge pre algebra to advanced ones through each subject math area up to calculus It is accessible mostly no matter where you stand in mathmatics Though you will get the most out of the book with a better foundation This is a classic text in discrete mathematics It has grown since previous editions and now contains material than can be covered in a single course. This book was used for a computer science course about Discrete Structures There are a lot of errors I liked the book though But only using along with a class If I was using this book for personal study, I would probably get confused and lost I took a philosophy logic course before this class, so the 1st chapter wasn t as confusing for me as it might be with others I definitely think the author could proof read error check better and post an errata But, I think its one of the best out there for this topic. International version Was not identified in the description. Rosen S Discrete Mathematics And Its Applications Presents A Precise, Relevant, Comprehensive Approach To Mathematical Concepts This World Renowned Best Selling Text Was Written To Accommodate The Needs Across A Variety Of Majors And Departments, Including Mathematics, Computer Science, And Engineering As The Market Leader, The Book Is Highly Flexible, Comprehensive And A Proven Pedagogical Teaching Tool For Instructors Digital Is Becoming Increasingly Important And Gaining Popularity, Crowning Connect As The Digital Leader For This DisciplineMcGraw Hill Education S Connect, Available As An Optional Add On Item, Is The Only Integrated Learning System That Empowers Students By Continuously Adapting To Deliver Precisely What They Need, When They Need It And How They Need It Ensuring Class Time Is Effective Connect Allows The Professor To Assign Homework, Quizzes, And Tests Easily And Automatically Grades And Records The Scores Of The Student S Work Problems Are Randomized To Prevent Sharing Of Answers And May Also Have A Multi Step Solution Which Helps Move The Students Learning Along If They Experience Difficulty

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