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Dore's Dragons, Demons and Monsters (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) I purchased a series of Dore collection books for my mother, who is an artist, and has drawn inspiration from Dore s work Dore s woodcuts are timeless and if this theme appeals to you then you will be very happy. Richly Detailed, Brilliantly Imaginative Scenes For The Bible, Paradise Lost, Don Quixote, The Divine Comedy, And Other Works Are Filled With Amazing Creatures Of Land, Sea, And Air An Invaluable Source Of Royalty Free Art For Illustrators And Designers, And A Delight For Lovers Of Fine Art And Anyone Fascinated By Creatures Of Myth And Fantasy Over Illustrations I first came across the art Illustration, really of Gustave Dore at the age of 8 or so when my MAMA bought me an encyclopaedia and 2 of the books were a children s Bible whatever that is hopefully heavily edited with all the illustrations for it by the great Dore.I am not being facetious when I tell you that as a child these were my first encounters with the nude body, again, ETCHED like a bodybuilder s women were muscular too , as well as all the terrors of the Hebrew Bible but lavishly so the book of Revelation Many of the hellish images must have made for some sleepless nights the magnificent suffering a masochist s dream but than that I remember vividly the HOURS spent completely absorbed by the beauty and exactness of the line They were elegant some still are , and I would say that for that child they were his first pornography Ha Decades went by and once in a while I would catch a glimpse here and there of Dore and be fascinated, particularly with the memories of long ago brought back into my consciousness.Finally, I came upon this series of reproduced images from all his commissions and what commissions Paradise Lost , The Bible , Dante s Commedia , Don Quijote and.Disappointment immediately set in.First, the series has tried its best I guess to do a faithful reproduction of these etchings poor me, I do not know for a fact that these are etchings, or another type of multiples perhaps you out there will tell me but the results are mediocreDore is all about LINE and the minutely detailed quality of the work It is extraordinary in its craftsmanship, and there does the problem reside to be reasonable, one should not expect much from an artbook that s a pamphlet and no than 12 bucks, and so you, forgive the cliche get what you pay for You could have perhaps used a great printer and get as good results as these from good to acceptable to poor.In my case, that perhaps could be overlooked if the REAL problem was not the disappointment with the images.In its introduction, the editor warns us that these will stir our imagination.AND.maybe give you a chuckle or two.Indeed..Chuckles I did not get, as my memory was fixed on those long ago hours in which I stirred and was terrified by the images.No Again, the meticulous craft and genius of Dore is still there for me to recognize, but there is nothing beyond that.Well, I am 50 But I presume that a ten year old will not be riveted to these either Mass media, H.R Giger arguably a truly superior illustrator than Dore, when it comes to a magnificent imagination , and this computer generated era of the most sophisticated morphs and nothing that I ever care to ever go NEAR has made us all jaded Even, alas, the children.My opinion Don t waste your money An introduction to Dore Google it and look at the images first And, of course, those Dore devotees out there should get every one of the series.Perhaps as part of a great book reproducing the work within the pages of, say, Don Quijote which has than its share of humorous moments, may be the proper context for Dore to still make sense But I recently finished reading that whopping 3 tome Commedia and his work would have been a mistake to include within the pages of this timeless masterpiece I would have found them RISIBLE, and detracting from the sanctity of Dante s work.When art becomes passe you feel than a moment of sadness especially with the background I just recounted More than that, although still in print than 150 years later, it has become by now of a curiosity, a window unto the past that was, still a bit touching if always placing it into its proper historical context.Aaah, Dore.. EVERYTHING AMAZING AND PERFECT cause I love it that s why I guess my previous review did not go through so I am writing another one great artwork lovewhat can I say mike n catt..

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dore's Dragons, Demons and Monsters (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) book, this is one of the most wanted Gustave Dore author readers around the world.

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