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Dreaming on Daisies: A Novel (Love Blossoms in Oregon Series Book 3) (English Edition) I ve read something by Miralee Ferrell, but I read so much, I ve forgotten what it was However, last night I finished reading Dreaming on Daisies and was sad when it came to an end I had come to love the hard working Leah and appreciate banker Steven Charlie Pape started out kind of rough, but Frances Cooper rubbed his rough edges off by the end of the book Tom s immaturity grew up through the book and became a likable young man Every major character in the book had issues to work through, and part of that comes from one character who is absent by death but plays a large part in the book Tom and Leah s mother.Leah doesn t know that her mother has been alive for the last nine years and died shortly before Tom came back to the ranch Tom has come back thinking the ranch belongs to his and Leah s father and that he will inherit part of it He has come back to get what s coming to him, or so he thinks In finding out that Leah s father has lied to her for nine years, Leah has an extra hard time with his drinking and throwing away good money after bad in running the ranch She wanted to get a loan to hire an extra hand and to increase the stock Steven s home burns up in a mine explosion and comes to live at the ranch in the bunkhouse and work evenings and weekends for Leah in exchange for room and board This gives Leah the proximity to Steven and vice versa for them to fall in love, but it s a rough and rocky road.Miralee has written a book with real life problems in a fictional world There is drama, angst, and turmoil throughout the book There is someone who comes in and sets things right, whether it is Frances Cooper with Charlie, Millie or Buddy the hired help for any one of them but, ultimately all signs point to God for being able to heal the hurts and deal with the drama.Overall the book is a great read, there is just enough humor to offset some of the angst, and a few daisy chain crowns woven into the plot Steven is a very empathetic character realizing how Tom and Leah both feel and being able to put himself in their respective shoes He can see both sides of their coin and inserts a bit of sensibility into the rather heated situations they find themselves in A solid four stars My thanks to David C Cook publishers for allowing me to read this book in exchange for my review. Miralee has done it again Dreaming on Daisies continues the saga of a small town in Oregon The book may be number three in the series but can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone The characters and setting are so real to life, you are transported there while reading Leah and Steven are introduced in the previous book but their characters are developed in this book They both have families and problems to deal with I love how she weaves her story while the characters deal with their issues of trust, faith, and all the other problems that everyday people face I always hate when I reach the end of the book knowing I have to wait a while for another book to be released Way to go Miralee Leah wants to make her family ranch a success, but her Pa s drinking is causing problems, and she can t get a loan, though the banker, Steven, helps in other ways on top of all this, her brother Tom returns with shocking revelations about her Ma Though reviews are inherently subjective, I prefer to provide some organization to my opinions through the use of a personal rubric The following notes may contain spoilers Plot and Setting 5 Plot has many unique elements, no major holes, and a sense of focus The family dynamics in the Carlson Pape household are complex and painful, and make for an interesting plot, while Steven s experiences grant him a unique understanding, making him the perfect person to be added to the mix I especially loved Frances charging into the scene, as well, and making waves in such a positive way Setting is clear, believable, and consistent.Characters 4.5 Relatable, realistic, interesting, dynamic characters Most minor characters have depth, as do the relationships between characters We got to know the characters well, with the exception of Tom I could understand Steven s feelings of being second to Beth in some ways, and Leah s determination to succeed even if other people don t help as they should, Charlie s pride, and Frances s desire to pass on the help she had received The ups and downs in these relationships felt real and interesting But somehow I didn t connect to Tom, and I didn t understand his actions, especially regarding what he kept secret and his expectations on his return.Mechanics and Writing 4.5 Few, if any, typos or word errors Good use of alternating POV, from many angles Generally skillful writing I did appreciate the way we were kept apprised of time passing with the date frequently listed at the start of new sections proof of well thought out and well planned timing but it really only helped if I could remember the dates of the sections before I felt like I needed to start writing the dates down and taking notes to really see how the sections fit together And really, mostly the mentions of time passing were worked into the story, and about the time I had figured it out, I d read on and see it there So it actually became a bit of a distraction for me.Redeeming Value 5 Well developed, central, uplifting themes Leah tends to be pessimistic, and jumps to negative conclusions easily, but through processing the complex family situation she learns to rely on God, forgive, and trust again Steven sorts through his own feelings of being the least loved in his family, and uses his experience to relate to Leah and Tom Charlie finally puts aside his pride with God s help and Frances s prodding, and Tom finally sets aside his anger when Charlie is able to assure him of his love Sex, alcohol, violence, etc, are not glorified at all Charlie has a definite problem with alcohol, but it s clearly something he needs help with and he becomes a better person when he quits.Personal Enjoyment 5 I loved it It made me feel in all the best ways, and leaves me content and satisfied One I ll definitely read again. With A Fresh, Charming Installment In The Love Blossoms In Oregon Series, Ferrell Returns Readers To S Oregon, Tackling Matters Of Faith, Family, And Forgiveness This Tender Tale Reinforces Recognition Of The Necessity Of Trust And The Unbreakable Bond Of Family Ferrell S Tale Is Western Historical Romance At Its Best With Well Thought Out Characters Who Will Do What They Must To Keep Their Livelihood Out Of The Bank S Clutches The Details Of The Landscape Enhances The Plot And Readers Are Treated To An Enjoyable Read Ferrell Is A Talented Author Who Brings Readers A Sweet Love Story With Surprises Throughout A Wonderful Addition To The Series When Her Father S Debts, Brought On By Heavy Drinking, Threaten Leah Carlson S Family Ranch, She Fights To Save It When Handsome Banker Steven Harding Must Decline Her Loan Request, He Determines To Do What He Can To Help Just As He Arrives To Serve As A Much Needed Ranch Hand, Leah S Family Secretsand The Pain Of Her Pastcome To A Head They Could Destroy Everything She S Fought For And They Could Keep Her From Ever Opening Her Heart AgainThis Is Western Historical Romance That Offers Hope And Healing To The Deepest Wounds In A Woman S Past

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dreaming on Daisies: A Novel (Love Blossoms in Oregon Series Book 3) (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Miralee Ferrell author readers around the world.

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