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Elementary Applied Topology This Text Gives A Brisk And Engaging Introduction To The Mathematics Behind The Recently Established Field Of Applied Topology Over A Century Of Development Of Principles And Techniques In Algebraic Topology Has Of Late Crossed Over To A Variety Of Application Domains This Text Gives A Completely Novel Introduction To These Methods In The Context Of The Applications Elementary Applied Topology Is Short Pp Plus Bibliography And Index And Richly Illustrated, With Figures It Is Perfect For Both Self Study, And As The Basis For A Course In Applied Topology This Book Is Also Well Suited For Use As A Supplementary Text In A Traditional Algebraic Topology Course, Providing Both Context And Motivation For The Tools To Be Learned The Progression Of Mathematical Techniques Is A Fresh Approach The Book Begins With A Quick Trip Through Manifolds And Cell Complexes The Segue To Algebraic Topology Comes In The Form Of The Euler Characteristic And The Euler Calculus Born From It Passing From This To Homology, Exact Sequences, And Cohomology Sets The Stage For The Innovative Content To Come This Is Comprised Of Modern Morse Theory Including Discrete Morse Theory, Conley Index, And Stratified Morse Theory , Sheaf Theory With An Emphasis On Cellular Sheaves And Cosheaves , And, Finally, Category Theory And Categorification Every Tool And Topic Is Paired With An Application These Range In Scope Across The Biological, Economic, Engineering, Material, Physical, And Statistical Sciences Of Particular Note Are The Applications To Topological Data Analysis, Including Persistent Homology And Barcodes Elementary Applied Topology Is The First Comprehensive Text On Applied Algebraic Topology For Students Of All Mathematical Sciences

5 thoughts on “Elementary Applied Topology

  1. Luis M. Fernandez Luis M. Fernandez says:

    Muy buen libro que mezcla divulgaci n, contenido y aplicaciones F cil de leer y entender, de un nivel medio, asequible para estudiantes de matem ticas con aspiraciones de aprender m s.

  2. The Preptorial Foundation, Inc. The Preptorial Foundation, Inc. says:

    This is an odd and wonderful book It does NOT fit the mold of either a textbook exercises are online and it does not use traditional problem example exercise proof you try it logic or a popular account WAY too advanced, this is grad or post grad level, as the writing is compact and terse and the diagrams, though awesome, are far from explained or intuitive, they are like puzzles, both in figuring out wh

  3. Scott C. Locklin Scott C. Locklin says:

    I bought this while working at Ayasdi for a nice review of what other folks were doing in the line of applied topology I have never read a science book like this before It s sort of a review article, colliding with comic book written by an avid student of Tufte, M.C Escher and Martin Gardner.Despite the elementary in the title, it s not particularly elementary You have to have at least a passing acquaintance

  4. Pat Pat says:

    The word Elementary is a misnomer, as the prerequisites are many one really should not try to read this book without a decent amount of background in Algebraic and Differential Topology On the other hand, the material is quite elementary in the sense that it only skims the surface of Applied Topology, and well it should The field is very new and Rob Ghrist is one of the leading researchers in the field, so it ma

  5. Emil Emil says:

    This well written pot pourri contains an incredible number of scientific and engineering problems pertinent to topology or vice versa The writing is concise, keeping the book short but requiring a sustained attention from the reader, and well illustrated Be warned that the book is hardly a mathematical textbook, as it includes neither proofs nor exercises, but of a graphical complement to a standard topology book

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