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  • 10 June 2019
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10 thoughts on “春を抱いていた 1

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    I consider this manga the GOD of all yaoi mangas(and one of my favourite), I think this was one of the first yaoi mangas I have ever read, and one of the most beautiful. I just couldn't stop loving Kato(u) and Iwaki from the start, and the mangaka was a real master in keeping me interested in the story, and let's not lie the sex scenes were damn good and hot, and the fact that they were seke was a plus. The MCs were perfect for each other.

    Youka Nitta is a genius and this manga is her best. The story is beautiful and full of love. No cheat, and almost no rape(some attempted?). Well you need to read it to understand what I mean with almost.

    I'm putting this as read on Feb 2011 but I started reading this manga long before that day, probably not much after it was released by the mangaka...

    This was just soooo good.

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    This is a review for the whole series.

    After finishing the first volume, I rated it three stars, and I wasn't sure it deserved even that. Sure, Iwaki and Katou were nice enough and the story wasn't horrible, but I admit I thought it was overhyped. But I still read on. And on. And it got better with every volume, although it wasn't until volume 7 that I really loved it.

    The great thing about this series is that it really is about a long-term relationship, which is a rare thing in any medium. And while I really disliked both Iwaki's and Katou's behavior at the beginning of the series, they both really grew up over time, and their relationship is one of the loveliest I've ever read about or watched. Here is a couple that actually talks about their problems in a sensible manner.

    Yes, some of the plot lines are a bit ridiculous, but overall their story was really really really lovely. They are too sweet. And dear god, they have *incredibly* hot sex sometimes. And! I think this was the first time I read about a yaoi couple who actually switch their positions sometimes.

    So to sum it all up, this series really deserves its praise. I loved it.

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    It was so much fun to watch clueless Iwaki san being manipulated by crafty Kato san. Kato can be very assertive especially when it comes to pursuing what he has set his mind on. I like his directness too. To Iwaki, Kato resembles a sticky pot of goo he had no way of getting off him.

    How I love the delicious sexual tension between them with Iwaki trying his hardest to push Kato's amorous attention away. Poor Iwaki needs lotsa time to adjust to being loved by a man AND being a bottom at that. Lol. He is straight after all. Not that sure about Kato primary sexual preference tho. He seems to be bisexual from what I could deduce. I just love how smitten he is with Iwaki. Why does he have such a fixation on Iwaki apart from his good looks was a mystery to me, maybe to Kato himself too. Perhaps we would get our answers in the next volume. :D

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    OMG where to begin...Embracing Love is written and drawn by Youka Nitta, another fine manga artist! This lady has also produced Sound of My Voice, Kiss Ariki and so on. But for now I'm sticking to my fav out of her collection, Embracing Love.

    This yaoi is about two male pornography (AVI) actors who fall in love while attempting to break into mainstream acting. The main characters are Kyousuke Iwaki (black hair) a reserved and self-conscious man who puts his career ahead of his personal life. He's at odds and isolated from his family. And he feels very much alone and depressed. Youji Katou (blond) is a bold and outgoing man. He's an up-and-coming actor, younger than Iwaki and quite self-confident. In the beginning Iwaki appears to be the seme, but it quickly reverses when Katou takes charge and demands a relationship as well as sex with the older man. Of course as in most yaoi Katou relentlessly pursues Iwaki until he gives in. What I find interesting and different with this story is that neither Katou or Iwaki have had a relationship with a man previous. They never profess to be homosexual. They're just two people that fell in love. Iwaki is stumped in one scene, he can't understand why Katou has fallen for him (a man). He assumes it's because of their love scene in front of the camera and that Katou has clouded reality with fantasy. Katou's response is kind of comical, the acting may have brought them together, but he doesn't see Iwaki as a man instead the person he loves.

    These men battle through some interesting challenges. Iwaki, like I said, is more reserved and he doesn't want anyone to know they're together as a couple. His denial, and sometimes almost rude behavior in public is at times very hurtful, but Katou seems to rise above it all. I'd say in this relationship Katou is my favourite. He's strong, tenacious and yes, sometimes immature with how he handles things. But he also loves Iwaki like no other. It's Katou's passion and unconditional love that keeps me reading.

    On the other hand, it took time to really appreciate Iwaki. He's older, has certain ideals and his family life is a bit of mess. But now I can honestly say, I've grown fond of him and he does compliment the relationship.

    HWD is another yaoi manga series and I'll warn you, it's a very long one. I believe the chapter count reaches into the forties and is still on going. The sex is very explicit. I'd call it a five flame. Not for kids! LOL Overall HWD is awesome and will keep your attention. Katou and Iwaki develop as characters with the storyline as does their relationship. I'd classify this yaoi as another romantic drama with strong, enchanting characters. HWD is hugely popular and has a growing fan base!

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    HARU WO DAITEITA was one of my first yaoi reads when I really started to get into the genre and it did not disappoint. What I loved about it for one, is that it was long. It is very rare that you see a yaoi manga that is quite so long. This manga had 14 volumes. I was in heaven.

    HARU WO DAITEITA is about two AV actors (aka. porn stars) who audition for a new erotic film which is a chance to make it into mainstream acting and get a better successful career than the porn star thing. During this audition the director asks them to have sex to determine who would get the lead role and one of them fall in love with the other while the other it totally fighting it.

    Iwaki Kyousuke is a man who always puts his work above all else and doesn't have much of a personal life. Where Katou Youji is very outgoing and open and much younger than Iwaki. After these two start working together Katou quickly falls in love with Iwaki. After the movie finishes filming, moves in with Iwaki determined to explore this relationship and get Iwaki to fall for him. Iwaki on the other hand tries to fight it, but in the end gives in to Katou and falls for him as well.


    One thing that I found very interesting is I don't think these guys were really gay or anything. I know both of these two were around women in the news and Iwaki did straight porn sex, but for this movie it was the first time sex with a guy. So I believe they just fell for each other and that being gay or not being gay didn't have much to do with it. They just fell for each other who both happened to be a guy. And I loved them together. They are adorable and one thing I gotta love about yaoi manga is all the hot sex scenes like in every chapter. SQWEEEEEE!!!!

    I'd say it is definitely one of those gay for you themes. The both had many challenges to endure before getting together and after, but they both stayed strong and true. And as for the art. I really liked it. I for one cannot read a manga unless the art is beautifully drawn or like in anime form. I won't say it's the best art, but it was great. All in all, I greatly enjoyed HARU WO DAITEITA and I can definitely see myself re-reading this manga in the future. If you are a m/m romance, gay, yaoi fan, I highly recommend this manga.

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    Review for entire series

    Haru wo Daite Ita or HaruDaki as it's known, is reputed to be one of the breakout works in the manga world. Having finished 14 volumes in a 2 week express read, what a journey it was!

    The story takes us along with two AV actors, Iwaki Kyousuke and Katou Yoji, as their debut movie Haru wo Daite Ita catapults them to instant success, and their uphill climb to build a career for themselves.

    Before I go any further, the mangaka Nitta Youka has done a stellar job with the art. Each frame is lovingly and meticulously detailed- from elaborate movie sets to trendy night-time Tokyo to the smallest expression on the characters' face. Iwaki & Katou have physiques to die for, and gorgeous to look at.

    What surprised me, is that there isn't a lot of drama going on. We follow Iwaki & Katou as they fall in love, enter into a long term relationship and struggle in the entertainment industry. But there is a genuine connect with the protagonists' and we cannot help but feel attached to them.

    Admittedly, the initial volumes are full of oft-visited subplots- the acting-cold-but-desperately-in-love characters, the jealous rivals; but once they settle into a lasting relationship, the magic begins. Their relationship, for one, is cliche free- both are equal partners (in bedroom roles & otherwise), passionately in love, committed towards success and supporting their partner to grow. They deal with conflicts in a mature way- by communicating and being there for each other. Yes, their love at times is selfish, afraid, confused- but they always confessed to the other and took the right path ahead.

    The characters evolved as the story progressed- Iwaki went from being slightly insecure and distant, to someone who is confident in his abilities and decisive. Their daily lives were handled realistically as well- the coming out to their families, the long lonely separations when away filming, making their reputations as true actors, to being afraid to take on harsh roles, to dealing with professional jealousies- for a long time manga fan, it was refreshing.

    Giving the viewers a sneak preview into Fuyu no Semi was a mastertouch. The story gripped my heart; and we identified with Iwaki & Katou's effort, anguish and elation as they struggled to make their characters come alive.

    At times goofy, at times heartbreaking, at times so sweepingly romantic- HaruDaki is one of a kind in originality and deserves all the praise that come its way. It's a keeper for sure.

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    I like when men are men in yaoi manga and when they wore suits and the drawing is as explicit as it is possible. I got those thing in this manga. The plot is easy going and perhaps even believable outside of yaoi world. Iwaki and Kato both started as AV actors aka porn stars in typical hetero porn movies, but one crucial thing changed their careers and lives forever. They were pretty popular so popular that certain writer decided to pick them for her/his movie oh yes Sawa-san was pretty transvestite who centered her/his novel on gay relationship and in this particular case he made up story about two AV actor who were fed up with the all AV hetero fake sex and found love with each other. The fiction became true and Kato fell in love with Iwaki at the almost first sight but nothing was easy and Iwaki simply needed to adjust. Lot of sex and lot of angst mixed with superb drawing.

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    You know, I think I love the potential this manga has more than the manga itself. Katou and Iwaki are two very intriguing characters but their interaction, the way they react, is so full of pathos it's slightly cringe-worthy. The sex is hot, though, that's true.

    Didn't care one iota about the stand alone story at the end.

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    I've stumbled over this ages ago, but I was never into old drawings.. but now, I was sick of those typical feminine ukes, and I am so glad I found this. But I could have read it long ago if it weren't for this cover. *felt the guilt of the moment when you judge the book by its cover...*

    So, I finished this series (14 books) in 4 days and it was absolutely worth it. The bestest and most realistic yaoi series that I've ever read to the point that I don't want to see it end. The relationship between Iwaki and Katou was incredible, the meaningful dialogues and the art really made you feel the real emotions. Everything felt very real. Iwaki and Katou are one of the best yaoi couples I've ever seen. Thanks to Youka Nitta for creating (yes, their story is still ongoing, not completed yet) this amazing story.

    I've read hundreds yaoi manga. However, Haru wo Daiteita will forever be my most favorite. It's a masterpiece! I highly recommend every yaoi fans to read this. You won't get disappointed for sure! because this one is a 'MUST READ'. :) I myself will definitely read this again!

    I guessed you might wonder why I gave 3 stars for the 1st volume if I fancy it so much... Honestly, the story plot of the 1st book is just so-so for me, not so great yet not so bad either. Sure, the artwork is good, the sex is so explicit and delicious (yum! ;p), but the plot was kinda flat and a bit boring for me. So I thought, why don't we take a look at the next volume before I drop this series for a while and read another book... And WOW, the plot was getting better and better starting from the 2nd volume. Thus 4 stars for 2nd book, 5 stars for 3rd book and the rest of the series. :)

    This story is just so one of a kind... truly stands out from the rest of the list. It's such a rich story, encompassing all aspects of their life together. I love the way their love was portrayed and the sex scenes was so HOT as hell! Not only that, the character development was just fantastic! You can really feel how they both grow as time passes! I like the clash of their characters and how the mangaka portrayed their individual personalities, and how they complement each other so well, how they are very compatible with each other, indirectly supporting one another. And unlike any other yaoi mangas out there, they are willing to abandon their own pride for the sake of their partner. It just shows how great and deep their love is for one another. They are truly passionately in love with each other, so devoted to each other. I would love to see them grow old and pass away together happily in love forever. I love this couple so much!!! :D

    I also like how both Katou and Iwaki play both great seme and uke. It's difficult enough to find a yaoi couple where they swap positions, but to find one that works as well as these two, even more difficult. I also noticed Iwaki becomes more sexier as their story progressing! The amount of pheromones that he exuding was enough to make a women get aroused when they saw his seductive looks or his sexy poses!! All in all, all guys in this manga are sooo hot!! Hail to Nitta sensei for this awesome manga! LOL.

    Too bad this manga will never be released in Indonesia. I guess I have to buy the official print in English from VizMedia. And, yippie!!... O_O They ( also offer free worldwide delivery to Indonesia too! :D

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    If I mark this as containing spoilers, will that keep people from automatically seeing review content in the feed? I'd rather not blast people with review of an MforMature book. Seems it should be an opt-in-only kind of thing....

    Explicit (hardcore) sex from the first plot page, but what else should one expect in a story of two men from the (straight) adult film industry who audition for roles in a movie about two porn stars falling in love with each other? Life inevitably mirrors art in this tale, but it's more classic than boring.

    The main characters, Kyosuke Iwaki and Yoji Katou, are beautiful in a masculine model way, rather than the common androgynous or downright feminine tradition. There is no confusing gender with sexuality here, aside from the characters' own concern about who shall be the woman(=bottom) in the relationship--and this topic is one for internal analysis and some fluidity, rather than a rigidly defined divide. A queer approach.

    The other important character, the author/director, provokes the two leads to question first hir gender (is that really a woman?!) and then, after he admits to crossdressing as a woman, his sexuality (surely he is gay?). Nagisa Sawa is always throwing the two for a loop.

    Although I found a few moments confusing, Embracing Love (vol 1) read well and fairly believably on the whole. (One must almost always exclude some large plot elements/settings from believability analysis, and just go with them, so I'm speaking more to the development within its context than to the premise or situational devices.) I liked the story and the art, which is undeniably hot. Will definitely continue reading.

    The..bonus story?.., Fence, was interesting enough. Naota Gyoubu comes across pretty clearly for a brief tale, while Masaki Joushima is a bit harder to read. Intriguing, yes, but his dead eyes at a choice moment or two threw me.

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