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Erotic Stories (Everyman's Library POCKET CLASSICS) A Perfect Gift Of Timeless Erotic Stories Ranging From Ancient Greek Myth To Modern Stories Of Longing And Lust This Beautifully Jacketed Everyman S Library Pocket Classics Hardcover Anthology Has A Full Cloth Binding And Silk Ribbon Marker Accounts Of Ardour And Transgression Also Flow From Unexpected Pens An Astonishingly Explicit Scene From An Unfinished Novel By Edith Wharton, And Guy De Maupassant S Heated Tale Of A Young Peasant Woman Offering Her Breast To A Starving Stranger On A Train Hunger Is The Fierce Undercurrent To These Stories The Gnawing Lust Of One Lover For Another, Or The Greedy Pursuit Of A Particular Inclination The Elegant Depravity Of An Eighteenth Century French Aristocrat, The Dreamlike Seductions Of An Egyptian Jinni In The Form Of A Snake, The Brutal Anonymity Of A Highway Truck Stop Encounter The Stories In This Richly Varied Collection Reveal That The Urge To Articulate Sexual Desire Is As Inventive As It Is Timeless.

3 thoughts on “Erotic Stories (Everyman's Library POCKET CLASSICS)

  1. kambizT kambizT says:

    I am a big fan of Everyman s Library and they are doing a great job in delivering good and classic treasure of literature This collection is very well selected and is very go

  2. Keira Kelly Keira Kelly says:

    An excerpt from all the classics If you are an avid collector, this isn t something you need, since you probably have the full versions of these stories Great shipping, beautif

  3. Diana K Seamon Diana K Seamon says:

    Kind of lame

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