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Essential Dictionary of Orchestration (Pocket Guide) At Last, An Orchestration Book Tailor Made For The Classroom Musician On A Budget Any Teacher, Student Or Professional Musician, Whether A Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger, Performer Or Enthusiast Will Find This Thoroughly Comprehensive Dictionary Full Of The Most Needed Information On Over Instruments Designed For Quick And Easy Reference, The Essential Dictionary Of Orchestration Includes Those Much Needed Instrument Ranges, General Characteristics, Tone Quality Descriptions, Technical Pitfalls, Useful Scoring Tips And Much

7 thoughts on “Essential Dictionary of Orchestration (Pocket Guide)

  1. Alfonso Alfonso says:

    Es un buen libro de peque o tama o que tiene lo esencial para resolverte dudas puntuales a la hora de orquestar Me ha gustado mucho y siempre lo tengo a mano Aunque para grandes dudas o profundizar m s sin ninguna duda es mejor tener el Adler.

  2. xxx xxx says:

    Useful book, but a dictionary, not a treatise, a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z.

  3. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    I was somewhat skeptical when I purchased the hard copy One review said it was small they might have underestimated this book is tiny.However, it fits wonderfully in my purse as it is scarcely larger than my wallet.HOWEVER this tiny book is packed with very usef

  4. Bill Tarman Bill Tarman says:

    I d give it ten stars Anyone interested in writing, arranging, composing, orchestrating, or just a curious musician should own a copy of this book.It covers over 150 instruments giving the general practical range as written and transposed, plus it gives the tonal dy

  5. George Piazza George Piazza says:

    Excellent pocket reference for orchestral instrument scoring, with ranges typical, extended, options, etc , transpositions, dynamics, tonality, pedal tones, scoring tips avoiding weak notes difficult jumps trills, etc and explanations on each instrument s basic operatio

  6. "Bo-Diddy" "Bo-Diddy" says:

    This is an excellent little book and I do mean LITTLE the book has a wealth of information, but it s tiny, like pocket sized to reference when creating film scores or other orchestrations The instruments are grouped together for ease of navigation e.g., percussion, stringed

  7. darrell darrell says:

    I am an Artist by training, and most of my musical understanding has been self taught Inyhoo I have learned about music notation, composition, orchestration, and theory, from these 3 little books than from any other similar resource They are very User Friendly and when used to

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