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Felix Weingartner: On The Performance Of Beethoven's Symphonies And Other Essays (Dover Books on Music) This Volume Contains English Translations Of Three Important Literary Works By Austrian Conductor Felix Weingartner The Title Essay Is A Detailed Account Of Specific Performing Difficulties And Questions Of Interpretation In Each Of The Nine Symphonies, A Comprehensive Treatment That Will Be Indispensable To Music Students Additional Features Include On Conducting And The Symphony Since Beethoven, Both Of Which Attest To The Author S Belief That Art Is At Its Best When An Exceedingly Delicate Balance Is Attained Between The Feeling And The Intellect Weingartner S Wealth Of Observations On Music And Musicians Will Fascinate Anyone Interested In Symphonic Traditions This book is for a specialized reading group professional musicians, advanced degree students, etc., but not for the general reader. Este libro es uno de los mejores trabajos realizados sobre las sinfon as de Beethoven,muy recomendable para quienes tengan que trabajar con estas obras This is a truly exciting book, and my hat is off to Dover for reprinting it All the lucidity and committment that one hears in Weingartner s recorded performances is here translated into words that bring forth not only insights into his musical mind, but into the works which he discusses Weingartner was one of the very few musicians who reveled in profundity and had little use for empty virtuosity Schnabel, Furtwaengler and Landowska were some of the others I think though, that some who are well acquainted with his recordings will find a few instances in which he disregards his own advice and follows a much freer interpretive course than what he prescribes But then again, the greater the artist, the less he can fully pinpoint all of his gifts on page rather, they are lived in performance.

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