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Feminism Is... Why Are So Many Women And Men Nervous About Calling Themselves A Feminist It S A Hopeful Term It Means You Believe In Human Rights, After All Gemma Cairney, ForewordWhat Is Feminism Combining Insightful Text With Punchy Illustrations, This Indispensable Book For Young Adults Answers This Important Question With Clarity, Urgency, And Conviction Feminism Is Tackles Than Intriguing And Relevant Topics, Such As Are All People Equal , Do Boys And Girls Learn The Same Things And Can Men Be Feminists Find Out What Equality For Women Really Means, Get A Short History Of Feminism, And Take A Look At The Issues That Affect Women At Work, In The Home, And Around Sex And Identity Along The Way You Will Learn About Some Great Women, Such As Gloria Steinem, Frida Kahlo, And Malala Yousafzai, Rebel Girls Who Refused To Accept The Status Quo Of Their Day And Blazed A Trail For Others To Follow In The Foreword, You Will Also Meet Gemma Cairney, The Multi Award Winning Broadcaster, Author, And ActivistA Lively And Accessible Book For Teens On The History, Pioneers, And The Daily Reality Of Feminism Today, Feminism Is Is Empowering, Engaging, And Vital ReadingA Terrific Book Dermot O Leary On BBC Radio

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  1. lighten_up_already2 lighten_up_already2 says:

    To me, the great strength of this book is that it traces feminism from its origins to the present day in a fun to read, narrative style with many colorful pictures and with the subject matter divided into two page mini chapters which proved a quick summary overview of each topic No matter how much one agrees or disagrees with whatever they conceive feminism to be, this to me is likely

  2. TammyJo Eckhart TammyJo Eckhart says:

    How can a book be both diverse in covering a subject yet simplistic you might ask It can when it covers a large number of topic but does not give enough time and space to really cover any subject well That s this book and I m sad that I have to type that because I was hoping it would be so much .The book is good if you know almost nothing about feminism or only conservative tropes about fe

  3. TwinMom TwinMom says:

    I had hoped to use this book as a talking tool with my daughters regarding the history of feminism and its evolution I thought this may be the book to use because each topic on feminism is summarized in two pages and contains beautiful and eye catching graphics.CONTENT I was disappointed that the topics presented under the umbrella of feminism were so broad, making many sections inappropriate

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