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Feminism Is... This is an excellent introduction to feminism, age appropriate for middle school and organized into digestible bites It s a pretty comprehensive but high level overview of the subject For instance, the section on patriarchy today presents in a single paragraph two major different approaches to the concept of modern patriarchy, Sylvia Walby s overview of structurally engrained patriarchy and bell hook s critique of the concept of modern patriarchy as a divisive oversimplification It s not the final word it s a thought, conversation, and further reading starter The distribution of content in this book is beautiful and lends itself to easy reading roughly chronologically, it intermingles major thought evolution, historical incidents, and biographies of significant feminists, distilled to essentials and dotted with bright, colorful graphics and illustrations.This would be an excellent resource for school research, but also a valuable home library addition for anyone raising girls or boys who want to be thoughtful and well informed. This is done in almost a magazine style and is a good mix of examining current issues for women and the history of feminism It s great for dipping in to a really good guide for young women into the issue of feminism With profiles of famous women and an examination of the evolution of women s rights this is a library essential and a good choice for any young woman s bookshelf Accessible and interesting it s an informative and informed guide. This is a really brilliant overview introduction to feminism It would be useful for all ages, indeed, for everyone It covers most ideas in a short chapter The book is colourful and isn t intimidating You can dip into it or read it all in order.For parents it would be helpful in answering a lot of questions that your kids might ask for younger people it s a good introduction and guide.It has chapters such as What is feminism , No always means no , Can men be feminists , Can feminists wear heels and it also has biographies of women who have been important to feminist History..,I really like it Useful, interesting and short the chapters cover most ideas questions about Feminism, A non fiction book presented in a choppy style which feels rather like a hybrid between a textbook and a magazine, Feminism Is is an introduction to important figures and concepts in feminism, in a relatable and bang up to date way the metoo movement and second Women s March from 2018 both are referenced Suited for ages 12 and above although the language is clear, it is not childish and requires good literacy skills this is a good resource for youngsters researching issues for schoolwork, as well as for reading for personal interest.While it felt a little dry in parts, and I felt that it could have been made slightly accessible to less able readers, this is an educational and interesting volume. Well written,colourful and well structured introduction to feminism both with regard to history, main characters, progress and what is still to do.Recommended Well researched, well written and practical in that it offers advice you can reasonably and practicably follow and it should be of some genuine help Definitely worth a read. To me, the great strength of this book is that it traces feminism from its origins to the present day in a fun to read, narrative style with many colorful pictures and with the subject matter divided into two page mini chapters which proved a quick summary overview of each topic No matter how much one agrees or disagrees with whatever they conceive feminism to be, this to me is likely the quickest and most fun book to be introduced to the subject.That said, this is quite an authoritarian book What I mean is, the authors think they should be believed just because they write something They are the authorities on the subject, and they are right about everything without having to cite their sources It is ironic to me that there is an index, a glossary of feminist terms, a directory of feminists, and an acknowledgment of every graphic not original to the book, but no bibliography I expected one, given the sheer number of references to the work of others contained in the text I ve read books where authors quote sources, and I ve looked in the bibliography, read the source, and found the authors weren t even representing their own sources accurately Not even possible with this book Of course, when you know you re right about everything, there s no need to prove it, because you know you re right.To me personally, this book is a concise summary of feminist ideology where it was right on track in the past, and made a lot of progress that needed to be made, and where it has gone off the rails today, in feminists own words. With two daughters, I want them to be as woke as possible about still living in a man s world Although the dynamics are changing with time s up and metoo, there s still a lot baked into so many aspects of our lives that insidiously contributes to the ongoing oppression of women My girls are 6 and 9 this book is too mature for both of them quite honestly Some pages and infographics are benign and helpful, but others have opened up conversations we re not ready to engage in with our elementary school aged children For instance, the other day in the car my 9 year old, on the way to school, flipped to the page on Is Pornography Ever Okay Great page, and an important discussion My wife was caught off guard, and although I think she really talked through it in a way that helped them grasp the fictional nature of pornography and the way that women have been historically the subject of male control, it was still too soon in our eyes So with that said, if you re going to order this book, think carefully about the readiness of both you and your child I think this is essential material for boys and girls who are coming of age. Alexandra Black is a writer specialising in non fiction, Laura Buller writes for younger readers, Emily Hoyle is a writer who has covered feminism and Dr Megan Todd is a lecturer in social science at the University of Central Lancashire In this well structured introduction to feminism aimed at teens introduced by TV presenter Gemma Cairney , they set out some of the key moments in feminist history and the main issues it s tackling today.As an introduction text to the subject, I have to say that I found this book to be really well structured The authors start by discussing what feminism is and then go through a list of the key issues and moments in feminist history, adding in biographies of key figures in the historical and modern feminist movement including Emmeline Pankhurst, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Malala Yousafzai I especially liked the biographies because they included feminists I already knew and those who were knew to me such as bell hooks and Alice Schwarzer but they didn t shy away from identifying where some of those people e.g Schwarzer were advocating feminist ideas that others find problematic.The breadth of issues considered here is tremendous, from education to mansplaining to gender and intersectionality, whether men can be feminists, sex work, backlashes to feminism and voting and political rights I thought that the authors went into just the right amount of detail to cover the types of things considered in each subject while setting out the key concerns and key for me it s not especially preachy in its tone the authors are happy to allow readers reach their own conclusions.There s a glossary of terms at the back and a directory of feminists at the back but I was disappointed that the authors didn t include a further reading resource section because I think that such a solid introduction should have had the foresight to help readers who want to find out on the strength of it That said, I thought this was a really strong book and perfect for anyone whether they re a teen or a grown up who wants to know about the topic. This Book Is Something I Wish I Could Have Read When I Was Younger Roxane Gay, From The Foreword Of Feminism Is It Didn T Just Start With MeToo Today S Feminism Is Diverse Than Ever Before And Asks All Kinds Of Questions Combining Insightful Text With Graphic Illustrations, Feminism Istackles Topics Including Intersectionality, The Gender Pay Gap, The Male Gaze, And Mansplaining Find Out What Equality For Women Really Means, Get A Short History Of Feminism, And Take A Look At The Concerns Affecting Women At Work, In The Home, And Around Sex And Identity Get Answers To The Big Issues And Meet Some Of The Most Groundbreaking Feminists Like Audre Lorde And Bell Hooks Addressing Ongoing Feminist Concerns And Including An Original Foreword By Roxane Gay, Feminism Is Takes On Important Themes In Informative, Thought Provoking Ways

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