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Feminism Is... I had hoped to use this book as a talking tool with my daughters regarding the history of feminism and its evolution I thought this may be the book to use because each topic on feminism is summarized in two pages and contains beautiful and eye catching graphics.CONTENT I was disappointed that the topics presented under the umbrella of feminism were so broad, making many sections inappropriate in my opinion only to share with even high school aged kids For example, there is a section debating watching pornography I m no prude and don t disagree that this debate has a place, I just don t want to have it with my girls right now I ll also probably skip this section on rape culture at this point although I do think it is an important topic to discuss at an older age.LAYOUT I was also disappointed that the book seemed disorganized and disjointed although there is a table of contents with sections broken down into subjects I didn t find that all the subjects made sense where they were listed I also found that while the graphics and pictures were quite lovely they were also distracting in the way that they were placed on the pages for example I think for the size of the summaries the pictures took away from the reading experience I did like the inclusion of biographies of influential women grouped with relevant topics For example, Sojourner Truth s biography was in the section discussing about slavery and suffrage I also liked the author s updated and refreshed the traditional view on feminism to include topics on mansplaining, the gender pay gap, the glass ceiling that women face in the working world, especially in corporate culture and the myth of having at all These are some of the topics that I can certainly pick and choose to discuss with my kids now and save the rest of the adult topics for later.Overall beautiful book in terms of visual presentation, but disjointed and hard to follow and I was hoping for a little substance on the topics presented with a little less on the adult topics such as debating the watching of pornography.I felt in the end this was a book appropriate for a coffee table book, focused on presentation than substance. How can a book be both diverse in covering a subject yet simplistic you might ask It can when it covers a large number of topic but does not give enough time and space to really cover any subject well That s this book and I m sad that I have to type that because I was hoping it would be so much.The book is good if you know almost nothing about feminism or only conservative tropes about feminism There is some information about feminist thought and action over time but most is really focused on the late 20th and early 21st century It lightly mentioned varied opinions among feminists but never gives category labels that would be very useful to anyone discussing feminism or wanting to do research about the different social movements under the feminism umbrella I personally find it very annoying that different groups and individuals have claimed the word radical and ignored the origins of Radical Feminism in the the late 1960s for example.The issues covered in the book do touch about those around the world and among different groups of women and men but again the focus is really on white American feminist movements There are 12 biographies of different feminists that show variety than the text gives time.The images are bold and very frequent, making me think of a tween book Maybe that s the target audience Younger people who are interested in learning about feminism This is a good start but it just scratches at the numerous subjects covered. This Book Is Something I Wish I Could Have Read When I Was Younger Roxane Gay, From The Foreword Of Feminism Is It Didn T Just Start With MeToo Today S Feminism Is Diverse Than Ever Before And Asks All Kinds Of Questions Combining Insightful Text With Graphic Illustrations, Feminism Istackles Topics Including Intersectionality, The Gender Pay Gap, The Male Gaze, And Mansplaining Find Out What Equality For Women Really Means, Get A Short History Of Feminism, And Take A Look At The Concerns Affecting Women At Work, In The Home, And Around Sex And Identity Get Answers To The Big Issues And Meet Some Of The Most Groundbreaking Feminists Like Audre Lorde And Bell Hooks Addressing Ongoing Feminist Concerns And Including An Original Foreword By Roxane Gay, Feminism Is Takes On Important Themes In Informative, Thought Provoking Ways

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Feminism Is... book, this is one of the most wanted Dk author readers around the world.

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