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Freshwater Fishing for Kids (Edge Books: Into the Great Outdoors) I was excited about this book for my nephew as he caught the fishing bug and there aren t many child friendly easy to understand publications I feel the book doesn t inform enough on the different kinds of techniques, lures, gear, and fish It s of a brief story book than a guide. You Drop Your Line In The Lake And Wait Quietly Soon You Feel A Tug Do You Have What It Takes To Reel In Your Big Catch Now Is Your Chance To Learn What You Need To Know About Freshwater Fishing History, Gear, Techniques, Safety, And Very small cheap looking book Disappointed Ordered this over a pricey fishing guide for kids Intended to be a xmas gift but when i opened the package i was very disappointed The book is super thin and just felt like a pamphlet you could get for free somewhere The pages are all color so that s great Just feel like it lacks enough substance to be a good gift. Really great small book for a beginner child fisherman My son is six and it was perfect Has information about different fish, lures, conditions, rods, etc Highly recommend It s not a long book, it s actually smaller than I expected but great condensed info.

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