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Getting MEAN with Mongo Traditional Web Dev Stacks Use A Different Programming Language In Every Layer, Resulting In A Complex Mashup Of Code And Frameworks Developers And Businesses Love It Because It S Scalable And Cost Effective End Users Love It Because The Apps Created With It Are Fast And Responsive It S A Win Win Win Getting MEAN, Second Edition Is Completely Revised And Updated To Cover Angular , Node And The Latest Mainstream Release Of JavaScript ES ES Key Features Completely Revised Hands On Examples Step By Step Guide Readers Should Have Some Web Development Experience This Book Is Based On MongoDB , Express , Angular , And Nodejs , Making Use Of The ES JavaScript Syntax The MEAN Stack Is A Pure JavaScript Stack Comprised Of Four Main Technologies, With A Cast Of Supporting Technologies MongoDB The Database, Express The Web Framework, Angular The Front End Framework, And Nodejs The Web Server I m a little torn with this book I ve read dozens and dozens of technology books This one by far has the most errors in it Be sure to get the Errata online but know that it maybe covers 70% of the errors The last few chapters they haven t even written down there errors yet and there are several per page Not knowing any of these technologies, it was an effort to figure out how to even resolve the different kind of errors.On reflection, this is a very difficult topic to teach because the authors are covering multiple different technologies at once Many of the libraries are on different versions and slightly give different results as what is in the book You have to work to get everything to compile and execute The author provides code for each chapter which I found did not compile and execute but was instrumental for me to find my and other errors.The authors throughout the book use bold to highlight changes you need to make, but they do not highlight all the changes They will state, make the following change in some file, and then a block of code will be presented with a few bolded lines One would think those are the important lines you need to add but there are If you miss these nothing will work I think this is very sloppy editing and it is all over this book.In the end I got most of the program working Debugging helped me learn the environment, however I do not think that was the intended purpose.

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