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God Is Not Great (English Edition) Every humanist, atheist, and undecided should read this fine book telling the truth and facts about religion s and god s being most likely man made It is either life changing in a good way or will scare those who still believe in one of the gods I could not put this book down and was only saddened when I reached the last page and realised that the great Hitchens is sadly no. This is a great book to read, and very necessary to sum up all arguments of an atheist, but also brightly written However I regret not having bought a better edition, since this one is rather poor, very tiny letters and poorly printed. A veces se toma la religi n como una moral positiva y necesaria, para corregir vicios y delitos Deja muy claro que la moral es un tema social, civil, ajeno a la religi n, y que sta lo que en realidad hace es criminalizar a sus adversarios hasta el punto de crear violencia y opresi n, en nombre de un concepto imaginario, totalmente antisocial. Always there, brilliant, incisive an atheist s must And also a must for any believer Let s leave fantasies aside Religion is hell, secularism is salvation. The idea of a god is not only irrational but it also hinders progress and wellbeing. Aunque no convencer a alguien creyente, este libro desmonta de manera mordaz todos los argumentos que se suelen utilizar a favor de las religiones Adem s, trata de justificar que las religiones son malas Se lee muy r pido, se suelta alguna carcajada mientras se lee y adem s da que pensar. Hitchens Adopts A Calm, Mannered Reading Style As If Intent On Exuding Rationality And Reason And Avoiding The Unabashed Zeal Of The Religious Fanatics He Is So Scathing AboutBut Hitchens Fury Radiates Through His Words For Him, All Religion Is Violent, Irrational, Intolerant, Allied To Racism And Tribalism And Bigotry This Discrepancy Between Narration Style And Content Creates A Peculiar Tension A Fascinating Listen FINANCIAL TIMES Who D Have Thought That A Book On Atheism Could Be So Entertaining Sue Arnold GUARDIANIn God Is Not Great Hitchens Turned His Formidable Eloquence And Rhetorical Energy To The Most Controversial Issue In The World God And Religion The Result Is A Devastating Critique Of Religious Faith God Is Not Great Is The Ultimate Case Against Religion In A Series Of Acute Readings Of The Major Religious Texts, Christopher Hitchens Demonstrates The Ways In Which Religion Is Man Made, Dangerously Sexually Repressive And Distorts The Very Origins Of The Cosmos Above All, Hitchens Argues That The Concept Of An Omniscient God Has Profoundly Damaged Humanity, And Proposes That The World Might Be A Great Deal Better Off Without Him Hitchen s prose is a joy to read The wit with which he tackles this issue is truly great Enjoyed it

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