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Hands-On Software Architecture with Golang: Design and architect highly scalable and robust applications using Go Understand The Principles Of Software Architecture With Coverage On SOA, Distributed And Messaging Systems, And Database Modeling Key Features Gain Knowledge Of Architectural Approaches On SOA And Microservices For Architectural Decisions Explore Different Architectural Patterns For Building Distributed Applications Migrate Applications Written In Java Or Python To The Go Language Book Description Building Software Requires Careful Planning And Architectural Considerations Golang Was Developed With A Fresh Perspective On Building Next Generation Applications On The Cloud With Distributed And Concurrent Computing Concerns Hands On Software Architecture With Golang Starts With A Brief Introduction To Architectural Elements, Go, And A Case Study To Demonstrate Architectural Principles You Ll Then Move On To Look At Code Level Aspects Such As Modularity, Class Design, And Constructs Specific To Golang And Implementation Of Design Patterns As You Make Your Way Through The Chapters, You Ll Explore The Core Objectives Of Architecture Such As Effectively Managing Complexity, Scalability, And Reliability Of Software Systems You Ll Also Work Through Creating Distributed Systems And Their Communication Before Moving On To Modeling And Scaling Of Data In The Concluding Chapters, You Ll Learn To Deploy Architectures And Plan The Migration Of Applications From Other Languages By The End Of This Book, You Will Have Gained Insight Into Various Design And Architectural Patterns, Which Will Enable You To Create Robust, Scalable Architecture Using Golang What You Will Learn Understand Architectural Paradigms And Deep Dive Into Microservices Design Parallelism Concurrency Patterns And Learn Object Oriented Design Patterns In Go Explore API Driven Systems Architecture With Introduction To REST And GraphQL Standards Build Event Driven Architectures And Make Your Architectures Anti Fragile Engineer Scalability And Learn How To Migrate To Go From Other Languages Get To Grips With Deployment Considerations With CICD Pipeline, Cloud Deployments, And So On Build An End To End E Commerce Travel Application Backend In Go Who This Book Is For Hands On Software Architecture With Golang Is For Software Developers, Architects, And CTOs Looking To Use Go In Their Software Architecture To Build Enterprise Grade Applications Programming Knowledge Of Golang Is AssumedTable Of Contents Building Big With Go Packaging Code Design Patterns Scaling Applications Going Distributed Messaging Building APIs Modeling Data Anti Fragile Systems Case Study Travel Website Planning For Deployment Migrating Applications

5 thoughts on “Hands-On Software Architecture with Golang: Design and architect highly scalable and robust applications using Go

  1. ebr319 ebr319 says:

    This book contains a lot of information about how to architect distributed systems, api rules, and a lot of design patterns applied to Golang This book is amazing I recommend it to anyone who wants to go to the next level using Golang

  2. shailyn ortiz shailyn ortiz says:

    Best book on software architectures, that is its main focus, not to teach go itself If you are looking for a go book try go programming blueprints

  3. Michael Kalika Michael Kalika says:

    I ve just start reading this book and find it great for architects, CTOs and senior engineers Reading this book is like talking to your architect friend who set multiple teams for success It s not only technical, but it also defines the role of the architect very well and how architects can make their team successful and create an impact I used to work with the author of thi

  4. Nick Sedelnikov Nick Sedelnikov says:

    This book contains a bunch of hyped topics Like a kid who wears his fathers suit pretending to be adult this books tries to be professional, but doesn t succeed.

  5. Gautam Shanbhag Gautam Shanbhag says:

    Helpful book, worth to own a copy.

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