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Harmony This is a concise and well written book on a topic that has seen many changes over the years This stays close to the music itself and uses terms that are easy to understand. Years After Walter Piston S Death, His Students And Their Students Can Still Take Great Pride In The Enduring Vitality Of His Teaching By Now It Is Plain That The Book Is Different From What It Used To Be, But Its Essential Approach And Its Basic Substance Remain As They Were The Major Departure Of The Fourth Edition Was The Addition Of Seven New Chapters, Including Four On The Complicated Subject Of Harmony After Common Practice, Which Had Not Been Discussed In The First Three Editions However, Then As Now, The Core Of The Book Remains The Exhaustive Treatment Of Common Practice Harmony, The Subject Of Most One Year Or Two Year Courses In Tonal Harmony In The Present Edition, The Entire Text Has Been Carefully Revised With A View To Clarifying The Language And Illuminating The Essential Principles Wherever Possible, The Text Has Been Opened Up To Allow The Reader To Adopt A Leisurely Pace Through What Had Been A Terse And Detailed Presentation The Results Will Also Be Perceived In The Spacious Design Of This Edition New Exercises Have Been Added To The Early Chapters As Well As Some Fresh Music Examples There Is An Entirely New Chapter On Musical Texture That Serves To Clear Up Many Difficult Points Encountered By The Beginning Student Another Innovation Is The Rearrangement Of The Chapters Dealing With Harmonic Rhythm And The Structure Of The Phrase As Well As The Inclusion Of A Short Summary Of Analytical Method This Book Has Long Been Known As An Introductory Textbook, But Because Of Its Comprehensive Range, It Also Serves As An Invaluable Reference Book The Acquisition Of An Consummate Knowledge Of Composers Practice The Goal Of Any Study Of Harmony Is Admittedly An Endless Assignment Ars Longa, Vita Brevis, But Consolation May Be Derived From The Thought That Intellectual And Artistic Rewards Are To Be Found At All Stages Along The Way loved this book If you are a music student, or know some theory and want , or you re new to theory THIS IS THE BOOK It doesn t matter what instrument s you play Extremely readable, clear and complete The author starts with the basics and takes the mystery out of scales, key signatures, dominant chords, 7th chords, etc Each section starts with a concise, to the point definition of the topic and incorporates musical examples to show you what it s all about I was very pleased that I could figure out a melody in a selected key in just the first few days after receiving the book My group instructor was shocked This book is worth than the modest price being charged Plus, got the book to me within 3 days, in perfect, shrink wrapped condition. This is a classic book on music theory For anyone who wants to be introduced to the basics of music theory You need to have a lot of patience to get through this, but you will have a much better understanding of composition and music when you are finished with it Definitely worth owning as a reference for any musician who is serious about his her craft. Piston s Harmony is simply a classic I used the 3rd edition in college This addition is updated to expand on a few topics and there are some additional chapters Be aware, this is an entry level college text You need to know how to read music and should have some basic understanding of chordal harmony before you begin There are now other books on theory that many universities use However, you can t go wrong with Piston.

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