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Hate list Nienawisc As someone in Colorado at the time of Columbine, and can remember that day and the ones that followed, this was a book I felt very compelled to read.Valerie s boyfriend went on a shooting spree through the school His victims were ones that he and Valerie had put on a hate list It was a way to release steam for her, but for him, it was So when the truth comes out after the shooting, it s hard to not blame Valerie for at least part of it Even though she was the one that got in the way and stopped Nick from hurting people.Valerie makes the brave decision to go back to the high school for her senior year She s faced with the uncertainty of acceptance and having to face all those people that knew they were on the list The school has been changed and soon, one of the girls that had been on the list reaches out to her, and helps her find some acceptance within the school and with herself.I was moved to tears at the end of this book It was one of the most emotional ending I have ever read, and I applaud Brown for tackling this subject with grace and respect and writing one of the best books I have ever read. Wyobraz Sobie, Ze Zyczysz Komus Smierci I Twoje Pragnienie Sie Spelnia W Dodatku Zab Jca Jest Czlowiek, Kt Rego KochaszNick, Chlopak Valerie, Zaczal Strzelac Do Uczni W W Szkolnej Stol Wce Dziewczyna, Chcac Go Powstrzymac, Uratowala Zycie Kolezance A Jednak Oskarzono Ja O Wsp Ludzial, Poniewaz To Ona Wpadla Na Pomysl Stworzenia Listy Ludzi, Kt Rych Oboje Nienawidzili Listy, Wedlug Kt Rej Nick Przeprowadzil EgzekucjeTeraz Valerie Musi Stawic Czolo Kolegom I Wr Cic Do Szkoly Czy Osoby Przeznaczone Do ,,odstrzalu Kiedykolwiek Jej Wybacza I Czy Ona Sama Pogodzi Sie Z Rola, Jaka Odegrala W Masakrze I just finished this book today, and I have to say, I m kind of on the fence about it On the one hand, I think the author is clearly very skilled and brave this is a touchy subject, especially in the world we re living in today There are some parts that are written elegantly, and some relationships that are handled extremely well But there s something a little off that I can t quite put my finger on Maybe it s an issue with the characters themselves than the way they re written the bad characters are truly scum Maybe it s that the ending was a little bit too easy tidy I can t say for sure It s definitely worth the few dollars I paid for it, but I can t say it wasn t an uncomfortable read at parts. This was one tough read, but well worth the stars.By tough, I mean the subject matter School shootings are almost common these days Sadly People blame it on bullying, harassment, mental problemsand this book gives a point of view from someone on the inside of the shooting.Valerie Leftman She was the girlfriend of the shooter, Nick Levil She was also a victim of his And she saved other students from their demise The book is from her POV and it covers many times before the shooting when life seemed like rainbows with Nick, during the morning of the shooting, and the entire aftermath of life, in school and out.She feels partly responsible because Nick was using their list of things they hate the people that bullied them relentlessly to algebra because letters and numbers can t add That list, almost a character in itself, was nothing but the grievances and stresses getting out there into the world It made Valerie feel better, but NickWell, he did shoot up the school.This story was dark It seemed there were horrible occurrences than happy ones Is that because the voice is of s girl who is depressed and she brings it down Or is it the realities of life with the horrible things that go on in schools because those who feel they are entitled don t receive any consequences for their actions along with the horrible life at home I had to switch to something carefree while reading this, because it just pulls you under in the deep end, and you have to surface and take a breath I found myself crying or teary or angry But no matter how down I felt, there was something making me read on and on.The end no spoilers, I promise was not really an ending to Valerie s story It was left open, maybe meaning that the future could be happy for heror get worsedepending on what you wanted for her I thought maybe there would be a sequel, as this one came out years ago, but nothing yet on Valerie s story.A very good read Maybe an important read for some circles I would have loved to have someone read this with me so we could discuss the heavy issues and emotions, maybe use some of the questions and discussions in the guides beyond the stories Though the premise of this book is similar to many school shooting stories a boy who is bullied opens fire on those who have hurt him and a school that tries to heal afterwards Brown adds a new element by writing from the shooter s girlfriend s perspective, Valerie Leftman.Throughout the story, Valerie s peers and even her parents struggled to identify Valerie as a hero or an accomplice to the shooting Her dad is especially cold and never seems to forgive her, but I think that is a realistic outcome Who is to say that every parent would understand and support their child under these circumstances The only thing that really bothered me about this story is that Valerie continues to insist that she had no idea that her boyfriend, Nick, was serious about being suicidal and wanting to make people pay for how they treated him and Valerie Perhaps she was just blind with teen love, but I would think that if any teen were dating someone who said some of the things Nick said, that they would raise some mental red flags.It was also unclear to me what role Jeremy played in the planning of the shooting He was a rather ominous character, and it s never really explained whether he was egging Nick on, helped him plan it, was the trigger, etc.Overall, I think Brown offers a unique perspective to the school shooting trauma While the story is very much about a school in recovery, it s also a story of identity and resilience Unfortunately, teens today have never known a world without school shootings, making the topic relevant I think that Brown does a good job of depicting realistic reactions of the many victims affected by this kind of tragedy, and that s important for young adults to see.

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