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Help Your Kids with Math: A Unique Step-By-Step Visual Guide My nephew wasn t thrilled when I handed it to him, but having looked through the content myself, I think it s a great book It covers all the mathematical concepts and topics that he ll likely need for the next 10 years, all the way through high school Based on the generous use of color, and the formatting, it s obviously meant to explain and teach young children It ll definitely require that an adult help teach the material, because as stated, it covers a lot of topics but definitely a useful resource. This is a very handy tool for home schoolers This book clearly explains concepts with great diagrams, and major math areas up through high school are covered This is a great reference guide and aid to any regular math curriculum. I work with individuals with disabilities This book was purchased for one of my adult clients working with a private tutor to improve his remedial skills Math, English, Social Studies, etc He is able to understand the material being discussed in his adult education classes with the help of his book and his private tutor Tutor was the person who recommended this book for purchase Client began not knowing basic math and has since moved up to Geometry Very impressed Will order for clients in the future. This book is excellent if you have to play catch up on the way math is taught today I saw this book in a classroom and knew it was a book I needed I use it often with my own kids and again catching up on the new teaching styles Reduce The Stress Of Studying Algebra, Geometry, And Statistics And Help Your Child With Their Math Homework, Following Carol Vorderman S Unique Visual Math Book Help Your Kids With Mathshows Parents How To Work With Their Kids To Solve Math Problems Step By Step Using Pictures, Diagrams, And Easy To Follow Instructions And Examples To Cover All The Important Areas Covering Everything From Basic Numeracy To Challenging Subjects Like Statistics, Trigonometry, And Algebra You Ll Learn To Approach Even The Most Complex Mathproblems With Confidence This Visual Math Guide Has Been Updated And Includes The Latest Changes To School Curriculum And With Additional Content On Roman Numerals, Time, Fractions, And Times Tables It Also Includes A Glossary Of Key Math Terms And Symbols Help Your Kids With Mathis The Perfect Guide For Every Frustrated Parent And Desperate Child, Who Wants To Understand Math And Put It Into Practice

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