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Hockey ABC (My First NHL Book) What Better Way To Introduce Your Child To The Entertaining, Action Packed World Of Hockey Than Through A New Series Of Books Aimed At The Youngest Of Hockey Fans Published Through The Combined Efforts Of The NHL, The NHLPA And Fenn Tundra, My First NHL Books Introduce Preschool Readers To The Essential Early Concepts Of Learning Through The Fun And Entertaining Themes Of HockeyCount Players, Sticks And Stanley Cups, Explore The Colours Of The Rainbow Through Team Logos And Sweaters Look For Familiar Shapes Amongst Pucks, Scoreboards And Nets, And Work Your Way Through An Alphabet That Includes Everything From A Is For Arena To Z Is For Zamboni, And Everything Hockey In Between

5 thoughts on “Hockey ABC (My First NHL Book)

  1. Melinda Melinda says:

    I bought my daughter 3 books from the series and will have to order the others soon She is 15 months old hockey They are great books for her to read with her dad who is a goalie We love the series and so does our daughter They are fun to read, good quality, a great way to introduce her to basic hockey items.

  2. Brian Brian says:

    I used this book to help my daughter learn the alphabet She learned the entire alphabet by 20 months, and I think some of that is due to reading this book at least once before bed on many nights.This whole series of books is fantastic I have borrowed some of them, but I own a copy of Hockey Colors and Hockey Alphabet My daughter loves them she gives me high fives when we finish so we re giving this 5 stars.

  3. Cory Fogg Cory Fogg says:

    Honestly, the book underwhelmed a little bit, but it does provide a decent foundation of hockey knowledge for the young ones It doesn t engage my niece as well as other books, but it s not a lost cause yet The book was scratched a bit when we got it as well, which was disappointing

  4. Nicole Nicole says:

    These are great little book for any little aspiring hockey player We got this for our three year old son for Christmas and he is enjoying them They use real images of hockey players and other hockey related items instead of just illustrations which is nice for toddler and nice visual aid Very sturdy and the pages are somewhat thick.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    Love these hockey books for my son, he had them all Great quality and a nice change from your typical baby books

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