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How to Be an Antiracist Ibram X Kendi S Concept Of Antiracism Reenergizes And Reshapes The Conversation About Racial Justice In America But Even Fundamentally, Points Us Toward Liberating New Ways Of Thinking About Ourselves And Each Other In How To Be An Antiracist, Kendi Asks Us To Think About What An Antiracist Society Might Look Like, And How We Can Play An Active Role In Building It In This Book, Kendi Weaves Together An Electrifying Combination Of Ethics, History, Law, And Science, Bringing It All Together With An Engaging Personal Narrative Of His Own Awakening To Antiracism How To Be An Antiracist Is An Essential Work For Anyone Who Wants To Go Beyond An Awareness Of Racism To The Next Step Contributing To The Formation Of A Truly Just And Equitable Society

10 thoughts on “How to Be an Antiracist

  1. Raymond Raymond says:

    It is only fitting that this book is being released after the past several weeks of racists attacks by politicians and mass shootings in the name of White Supremacy After witnessing these acts many Americans will say I m not like that, I m not a racist

  2. Thomas Thomas says:

    I appreciated this book and felt disappointed by it too, so if you want a non controversial review scroll over to something else for now I felt most grateful for Ibram Kendi s argument that you either are racist or antiracist and there s no real in between t

  3. Always Pouting Always Pouting says:

    Someone lent this to me because they found it really useful and resourceful for thinking about antiracism especially in the context of doing organizing I did enjoy the reading the book but I also think personally I had been exposed to a lot of these same ideas al

  4. Christine Christine says:

    Disclaimer I received an ARC via Netgalley Shortly after I finished this book, I put a quote from it up on the board in my classroom At one point, Kendi argues that white supremacy is also anti white and a form of genocide on whites This is in addition to the attacks

  5. Maxwell Maxwell says:

    I m going to need some time to properly review this but for now, GO READ THIS BOOK

  6. HBalikov HBalikov says:

    There is so much in Kendi s book that is useful and challenging One either allows racial inequities to persevere, as a racist, or confronts racial inequities, as an antiracist There is no in between safe space of not racist The claim of not racist neutrality is a mask for racis

  7. Claudia Amendola Claudia Amendola says:

    Thank you NetGalley for the ARC.Okay, I worry about the ratings this book will get and whether or not they are truly honest North Americans have an extremely bad habit of being so far left that any criticism of commentary on sexism, racism, homophobia, etc means you re a racist miso

  8. Traci at The Stacks Traci at The Stacks says:

    So great What an amazing human Kendi is His ability to reflect on his own racist actions and thoughts is profound I love his approach and think his insights are fantastic The use of memoir with the definitions of types of racism and antiracism are really smart I really enjoyed this book,

  9. CarolynKost CarolynKost says:

    Some cultures mandate that rape victims must be killed and adulterers stoned that females shouldn t be educated, drive, or show their faces in public Some cultures revere nature and strive to live in harmony with it while others endeavor to control it down to the chromosomal level and or poll

  10. Roman Clodia Roman Clodia says:

    With protests over George Floyd taking place as I type, this book could hardly betimely Kendi s intervention into current race debates is to expose any assumed position of neutrality as subterfuge there is and can be no position of non racist , colour blind , post racial , he argues the only viabl

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